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I’m doing 100 things in under 1000 days. It’s a lot harder than it sounds.

I started on September 10th, 2014 and hope to complete most of these things before I turn 30. Meaning I aim to complete the following 100 things in under 1000 days (technically 949 days).

Below are the first 50 things, posted first here, and the second batch of to-dos.

  1. Guest-post on 10 different blogs.
  2. Get a promotion.
  3. Travel to Queenstown, NZ.
  4. Write our wills.
  5. Start a recipe book (big goal alert).
  6. Own a pair of Toms or Keds.
  7. Have a weekend on Waiheke Island with Graeme.
  8. Give running a good go, either outside or at the gym.
  9. Plan and do a girly dinner party.
  10. Get my full license.
  11. Travel overseas.
  12. Keep blogging.
  13. Start my business with Kate.
  14. Visit a castle.
  15. Done! Get another tattoo. 
  16. Done! Go on a winery tour.
  17. Watch the sunrise.
  18. Go whale watching.
  19. Sew a dress.
  20. Make jewellery, and hopefully sell some.
  21. Buy a bottle of Dom Perignon.
  22. Complete Broken Sword 5.
  23. Re-watch The O.C. from the beginning.
  24. Buy a map and pin all of the places in the world I’ve been.
  25. Try a degustation menu.
  26. Buy a couch.
  27. Have a disney movie night.
  28. Done! Finally finish Gilmore Girls (never done it!).
  29. Walk to the summit of Mount Eden.
  30. Play Karaoke.
  31. Master night photography.
  32. Sew/make a duvet cover.
  33. Make ravioli or tortellini from scratch.
  34. Have a trashy movie night. 
  35. Done! Try fake eyelashes (not the one night kind).
  36. Cook Yorkshire Puddings (like mums).
  37. Done! Go back to Milse.
  38. Try the no-heat headband hair curling method.
  39. Meditate daily for at least a month.
  40. Renew our wedding vows.
  41. Release an eBook through #brunchclub.
  42. Learn how to make macaroons.
  43. Done! Go to a yoga class. 
  44. Done! Buy (or make) a dining table.
  45. Spend a day at the spa.
  46. Done! Donate blood. 
  47. Learn to crochet.
  48. Take pottery classes.
  49. Done! Go snorkelling.
  50. Have a great 30th birthday party!
  51. Watch all the Harry Potter Movies (as I haven’t yet)
  52. Done! Go to a concert. 
  53. Try oil pulling, even though the thought grosses me out.
  54. Done! Buy something from Etsy or Felt
  55. Have dinner by candlelight.
  56. Ride a roller coaster.
  57. Write down my dreams, and then document what they mean.
  58. Have my palm read.
  59. Do the Colour Run for charity, or similar.
  60. Teach a Class (eg. #laptopclub).
  61. Get a makeup lesson.
  62. Make my own Christmas cards.
  63. Done! Have a real Christmas tree.
  64. Read five classics.
  65. Done! Watch Mean Girls (yes, I haven’t seen it yet, omg) 
  66. Done! Donate to a kickstarter campaign I believe in
  67. Done! Find and make my signature cocktail
  68. Done! Get Adobe Lightroom, and use it. 
  69. Paint something from scratch and display it
  70. Give vlogging a go
  71. Done! Attend a wedding
  72. Go to a rooftop bar
  73. Add 10 new plates to my side plates collection
  75. Make five homemade beauty products/treatments
  76. Done! Take #brunchclub to a new part of New Zealand. 
  77. Send a care package to a friend.
  78. Record myself singing.
  79. Order room service.
  80. Done! Visit Wellington, NZ. 
  81. Make paper.
  82. Make crème brûlée.
  83. Done! Have a board games night 
  84. Attend an All Blacks game.
  85. Go to two different Zoos.
  86. Done! Don’t drink for at least a month.
  87. Done! Move house. 
  88. Host a Cookie Swap.
  89. Done! Buy a plant and don’t let it die.
  90. Create and stick to a budget.
  91. Host a Fondue Party.
  92. Start a mini garden, and keep it alive to eat from it.
  93. Have 10 guest bloggers on Laura Laura.
  94. Go to the Circus.
  95. Get a Brazilian Wax (ouch).
  96. See a solar eclipse.
  97. Try to learn an Instrument (Guitar, Bass etc).
  98. Done! Redesign my blog. 
  99. See Franz Josef or Fox Glacier.
  100. Plan and execute my 30th birthday party!

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