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Life // 100 in under 1000

100 in under 1000 - Laura Laura Lifestyle Blogger

A fellow NZ blogger shared her 30 before 30 list the other week. As I read over her list and thought about my 30th in a few years, I got thinking about these types of lists and how I should set myself some goals before my 30th.

While mine is a little further out than Natasha’s birthday. I set out to find out how long I had, and then gave myself a goal of achieving 100 goals to do in that time. Some big, some very small.

I’m starting with the first 50, and will reveal the final 50 soon. Some of these are Natasha’s that I loved, some are my own and some are from other lists I’ve found too. Read my first 50 after the break

// 100 in under 1000

  1. Guest-post on 10 different blogs.
  2. Get a promotion.
  3. Travel to Queenstown, NZ.
  4. Write our wills.
  5. Start a recipe book (big goal alert).
  6. Own a pair of Toms/Chucks
  7. Have a weekend on Waiheke Island with Graeme.
  8. Give running a good go, either outside or at the gym.
  9. Plan and do a girly dinner party.
  10. Get my full license.
  11. Travel overseas.
  12. Keep blogging.
  13. Start my business with Kate.
  14. Visit a castle.
  15. Get another tattoo.
  16. Go on a winery tour.
  17. Watch the sunrise.
  18. Go whale watching.
  19. Sew a dress.
  20. Make jewellery, and hopefully sell some.
  21. Buy a bottle of Dom Perignon.
  22. Complete Broken Sword 5.
  23. Re-watch The O.C. from the beginning.
  24. Buy a map and pin all of the places in the world I’ve been.
  25. Try a degustation menu.
  26. Buy a couch.
  27. Have a disney movie night.
  28. Finally finish Gilmore Girls (never done it!).
  29. Walk to the summit of Mount Eden.
  30. Play Karaoke.
  31. Master night photography.
  32. Sew/make a duvet cover.
  33. Make ravioli or tortellini from scratch.
  34. Have a trashy movie night. 
  35. Try fake eyelashes (not the one night kind)
  36. Cook Yorkshire Puddings (like mums).
  37. Go back to Milse.
  38. Try the no-heat headband hair curling method.
  39. Meditate daily for at least a month.
  40. Renew our wedding vows.
  41. Release an eBook through #bloggersbrunchclub.
  42. Learn how to make macaroons.
  43. Go to a yoga class.
  44. Buy (or make) a dining table.
  45. Spend a day at the spa.
  46. Donate blood.
  47. Learn to crochet.
  48. Take pottery classes.
  49. Go snorkelling.
  50. Have a great 30th birthday party!

So – thats the first part of the list. I’m really excited as these are all, big and small, things I want to do – and there are some things on there I’m nervous about, but hell – YOLO, haha.

Which one out of this 50 are you excited to see/read about me do? 
Would you do any of them?

18 Replies to “Life // 100 in under 1000

  1. I’m interested to see your business and an ebook! You’re always welcome to guest post on my blog if you have anything in mind. Such a cool list of goals.

    1. Thanks Lena! I will definitely take you up on that offer – you let me know what type of guest post you want and we can go from there! I’m not hugely make up focused so maybe this can be an excuse to get me doing make up type stuff

  2. This is awesome!!! You totally have to finish Gilmore Girls 😀 So cool that you want to start a recipe book, that’s great! I’ve got my 101 in 1001 list, it feels a little daunting.

  3. Ah I have the tv show ones in my 101 in 1001 days…. that I only just got back into and rediscovered a couple of months back! There are so many of those kinda things around~

    I think I made a 30 before 30….. but don’t know where I put it D:

    Good luck for yours! ^^

  4. I love these lists! I have a 23 before 24 and I am no where near completed.. I have a fair bit to do before March next year! Super excited about the recipe book and learn to crochet! If you need any help with the crocheting, let me know! Good luck xx

  5. Woohoo, great list! I’m excited to hear about you doing this stuff! Keep us up dated! I may have to set some goals myself I think! x

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