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It’s here! Part two of my 100 in 1000.

When I posted Part One, a lot of people aligned this to the 101 in 1001 – and I guess it is something like that. My goal is to complete all of my 100 goals in under 1000 or before my 30th birthday. Read my final 50 after the break

// 100 in under 1000

  1. Watch all the Harry Potter Movies (as I haven’t yet)
  2. Go to a concert
  3. Try oil pulling, even though the thought grosses me out.
  4. Buy something from Etsy or Felt
  5. Have dinner by candlelight
  6. Ride a roller coaster
  7. Write down my dreams, and then document what they mean
  8. Have my palm read
  9. Do the Colour Run for charity, or similar
  10. Teach a Class (eg. #laptopclub)
  11. Get a makeup lesson
  12. Make my own Christmas cards
  13. Have a real Christmas tree
  14. Read five classics
  15. Watch Mean Girls (yes, I haven’t seen it yet, omg)
  16. Donate to a kickstarter campaign I believe in
  17. Find and make my signature cocktail
  18. Get Adobe Lightroom, and use it
  19. Paint something from scratch and display it
  20. Give vlogging a go
  21. Attend a wedding
  22. Go to a rooftop bar
  23. Add 10 new plates to my side plates collection
  25. Make five homemade beauty products/treatments
  26. Take #bloggersbrunchclub to a new part of New Zealand
  27. Send a care package to a friend
  28. Record myself singing
  29. Order room service
  30. Visit Wellington, NZ
  31. Make paper
  32. Make crème brûlée
  33. Have a board games night
  34. Attend an All Blacks game
  35. Go to two different Zoos
  36. Don’t drink for at least a month
  37. Move house
  38. Host a Cookie Swap
  39. Buy a plant and don’t let it die
  40. Create and stick to a budget
  41. Host a Fondue Party
  42. Start a mini garden, and keep it alive to eat from it
  43. Have 10 guest bloggers on Laura Laura
  44. Go to the Circus
  45. Get a Brazilian Wax (ouch)
  46. See a solar eclipse
  47. Try to learn an Instrument (Guitar, Bass etc)
  48. Redesign my blog
  49. See Franz Josef or Fox Glacier
  50. Plan and execute my 30th birthday party!

That’s it!

I’m honestly so excited to get through this list. I’ve already booked in a few things to start ticking things off the list. 

I know that each time I do tick something off I will feel so good about it – have you thought about doing a checklist of goals. If you’ve blogged about it, i’d love to know what you hope to achieve, big or small!

Which one out of the last 50 are you excited to see/read about me do? 
Would YOU do any of these – i’ll need people to help me out!

14 Replies to “Life // 100 in under 1000

    1. Thanks Nicola – I’d love to see an update! I’m so excited to cross off a few of these bad boys so I can update everyone! haha
      Have planned a movie night especially for Mean Girls – I’m looking forward to it!

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