Alternative Christmas gifts

Christmas is one of the best and hardest parts of the year for me, it’s filled with so much suspense, joy and love.

It makes me anxious and excited at the same. I know I’m not alone! Every year I want Christmas to be this beautiful day where nothing goes wrong and everyone gets what they want – since becoming an adult I’ve realised that that rarely happens, there’s so much stress that comes out of one day and I put the day itself on a pedestal – and I don’t know why! I guess, after having some pretty great Christmas’s as a kid I just have this unrealistic expectation in my head that I put pressure on myself to achieve.

Anyway – this isn’t a therapy session (maybe next time!) the point I’m trying to get to is that Christmas is about being together, not just about giving the best gifts or making the best meal.

I saw a campaign recently that talked about giving gifts with meaning rather than giving gifts that fill up our landfill – it struck a cord with me cause, yes: I’d given my work mates mugs, and yes: if given my grandma millions of hand creams. I’d given gifts for the sake of giving them rather than giving gifts of meaning.

A lot of people don’t like giving vouchers because they aren’t personal – but if you KNOW that person wants it then how is it not personal? I know for a fact that my grandma doesn’t need more hand cream – so why would I think it’s a good idea to get her some?

I’ve collated a little this of alternative gifts for you to think about giving to friends, families, co-workers and in-laws that make a difference to our earth, and that don’t fill our landfills!

Gift a tree

This was actually the ad campaign on instagram that I saw that said: “fill our land not landfills” that I really connected with. For as little as $10 a tree you can gift native trees that either restore or protect.

This is on my list of things to purchase this year – I’ve already gifted one as part of my work Secret Santa present!

Check them out

Gift reusables

In one of my recent posts I talked about moving to a more sustainable life and trying my best at living that way. Here are some ways you can give the gift of reusables

  • Coffee cup – Cute and everyone can use them! A lot of “coffee” cups are great for tea, hot chocolate and even cold drinks on the go.
  • Straws – This is probably a thing that most people wouldn’t think to by themselves, I know I wouldn’t but is a great thing to have in your cutlery drawer.
  • Honey wraps – I recently got sent some honey wraps to try out from the Hexton Bee Company and I am in love! Honestly these things are so cool, completely natural and a great alternative for foil or cling film. Again, probably not a gift that you would by yourself (unless you’re already obsessed like me) and it’s great for kids lunches too.

Gift experiences

I’m not necessarily talking about a bungy jump but rather something that you have enjoyed that you want others to experience. It could be a facial, a workshop or handmade gift card for a day with you taking them on your favourite walk with a picnic. 

This year I have asked for vouchers from my family with no shame, I think it’s a great way to gift something that is incredibly personal!

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I’d love to hear the type of gifts you are giving this year!

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