Lippie Stix - ColourPop Cosmetics Haul

Beauty // ColourPop Haul

ColourPop Cosmetics Haul

ColourPop are a US cosmetics brand with some crazy good prices. $5 lip sticks and eyeshadows – yaaaaaaaaaas.

I did a ColourPop purchase forever ago – you know, when the exchange rate was basically 1-1, US-NZ, and everything was amazing and I was happy to spend $30 on shipping alone. Those times are gone, it’s dark times now.

Anywho, I’ve had these products sitting in my home office for such a long time, collecting dust because I haven’t gotten round to testing them out and integrating them into my daily makeup bag (because it’s bursting at the seams already). I thought I’d share with you what I got and my initial thoughts on them.

The whole obsession and eventual purchase of these products was all because of Makeupper. Thanks girl. (No actually tho I love these)

I grabbed a few lippie stix and a handful of eyeshadows.  
Now all I want to do is buy more.

Lippie Stix

Lippie Stix - ColourPop Cosmetics HaulLippie Stix - ColourPop Cosmetics Haul
Lippie Stix - ColourPop Cosmetics Haul

I actually bought one more colour from ColourPop when doing this order but can’t find it for the LIFE of me. I hope it’s having a great adventure.  My favourites are Brink and Tootsi, both are great everyday colours that are a little bit different. The LBB goes on quite dark on me, it’s beautiful though, like a rich red wine. Wet I’m totally annoyed with, I feel like it doesn’t live up to it’s website description. I bought it thinking I could pop a light layer of it on top of another colour to add some amazing sheen but it just turns most colours muddy. I have used it a couple of times with Brink and Tootsi to make them darker, but it’s hard finding the right balance.

Super Shock Shadows

Super Shock Shadow Eyeshadow - ColourPop Cosmetics HaulSuper Shock Shadow Eyeshadow - ColourPop Cosmetics HaulSuper Shock Shadow Eyeshadow - ColourPop Cosmetics Haul

I think my favourite form this bunch is Girl Crush, it looks quite purple in the photos – I couldn’t get it 100% true to real life its a little more grey than in the picture and I think is such a nice colour against my skin. Obviously I love both of the golds (golds are my go to eyeshadows) and Fairfax and Roulette I’m looking forward to experimenting with more. 
The texture to these shadows is interesting too, it’s not powder but it finishes like one, they’re sort of gooey, which is quite cool. Makes them easy to apply with your fingers but not so good with a normal eyeshadow brush.

Have you tried anything from ColourPop? When the exchange rate sorts itself out I definitely want to grab some more lippie stix because they feel really good on and they have some pretty rad colours to choose from. I definitely want to try their Ultra Matte Lip products and their blushes!
Laura xx

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5 Replies to “Beauty // ColourPop Haul

  1. Those lippie stix colours look amazing. Have been wanting to get some of these for ages and your post has pushed me a bit closer!

  2. I want to get some colour pop products so much! They sound so good, the only thing that puts me off is the shipping though especially since I want everything.

  3. Funny that I’m reading this now – I just placed my very first colourpop order today! Picking them up in LA next week when I’m there – so luckily I don’t have to pay the shipping costs, but sad about the exchange rate!

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