Six Liquid Lipsticks

Beauty // Liquid Lipstick Love

So I’ve been wanting to swatch and share my two most recent Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks for some time but I never really got round to it until last week. I’ll be honest, this post started out as Androgyny and Hoe Hoe Hoe swatching session but then thought I would compare the colours to the other matte liquid lipsticks I have, then remembered I also had my friend Karin’s Lime Crime Wicked so added that on to my arm for comparison… next thing I knew I had six beautiful red liquid lipstick swatches on my forearm

Then the camera wouldn’t work. Shit.

I got there in the end, apparently the battery was flat and apparently I stress about things too much.

Lo and behold… six beautiful red matte liquid lipsticks

Six Liquid Lipsticks Six Liquid Lipsticks

From L-R: Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin, JS Androgyny, JS Hoe Hoe Hoe, L.A. Girl Frisky, JS Unicorn Blood and Lime Crime Wicked.

Six Liquid LipsticksSix Liquid Lipsticks

My love for Celebrity Skin is still alive and well, It’s a colour I love to wear daily and have mixed with both Unicorn Blood and Androgyny to create daily lip colours out of them. I can tell that come the new year I will definitely need a repurchase of it!

I really like Androgyny, and wanted it so bad to be my perfect lip colour, but I find it quite dark on my lips. If Jeffree Star could make a Doll Parts + Celebrity Skin + Androgyny baby that would be amazing. Kthnxbai.


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Hoe Hoe Hoe is my favourite red at the moment. I wore it in the above picture to an outdoor picnic and got plenty of compliments on it. The subtle glitter in it is hard to capture or see in real life but comes through after a bit of wear.

L.A. Girl in Frisky is a colour I bought when trying to find the perfect red shade for my lips. I really like this colour on my lips, here on my arm contrasting against Hoe Hoe Hoe and Unicorn Blood it looks quite shocking but it is quite a nice red when on me.

I have to be honest, Unicorn Blood hasn’t really grown on me since I first reviewed it. I’m not a big dark lip person so that probably explains why, but I find it too dark for daily wear and too dark for formal wear. I’m sure that it will 

As mentioned above, Wicked, is a colour I borrowed specifically to compare to Unicorn Blood from my friend Karin. I’ve not worn it before personally, but I have a feeling I would feel much the same about it as I do Unicorn Blood because, well, they’re so similar!

Guys what am I doing? Two colours. One pair of lips.

Left is Jeffree Star Androgyny, Right is Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin

 Left is Jeffree Star Androgyny, Right is Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin

So I’ve gotten to the bottom of this post and realised that there’s no real purpose to it apart from wanting to share with you my liquid lipstick collection and how I feel about them.  In saying that, I’d love to know your thoughts about liquid lipsticks, matte or otherwise… what are your favourite brands? Have you tried Jeffree Star’s ones before? What else is out there? What’s your favourite colour etc. Tell me!
xx Laura

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  1. OMG your selfie game is on point!! You look uber-glam in Hoe hoe hoe. Thanks for the comparisons and I’m so glad your camera started working again! And yes, the quest continues for the holy grail liquid lipstick. You need to try Sleek Birthday Suit – it would look amazing on you xx

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