Beauty // My Melbourne Makeup Haul

Last week my hubby and I travelled to Melbourne, Australia for a long weekend away. I absolutely loved it! Ate too much food, drank just enough and both walked til our feet were incredibly sore – perfect!

Because I live in New Zealand, I don’t have easy access to Sephora (well, we do have it online here but theres nothing quite like a Sephora store) so I made sure it was one of my “must do” things to tick off while we were in Melbourne. Mecca Maxima was on that list too 😉 Leaving NZ I couldn’t help myself but grab a few things from the Urban Decay duty free. I grabbed a Vice lipstick and a setting spray to get my holiday started!

When in Melbourne, I dragged (..I’m pretty sure willingly..) my friend Kimberly along on the adventure. It was our first time meeting in real life after years of sharing advice, opinions of love and life over Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. It was so awesome to meet her, we squealed + hugged and I think both were so happy to be able to actually hang out after all this time!

Anyway, you’re here to read about beauty not how awesome my friends are.

Melbourne Central has both a Sephora and Mecca Maxima so we met there for an afternoon of shopping (on a limit!) before heading off to dinner with our partners.

This is what I got:



Sephora Goodies!

I love Sephora brand beauty products. The dry shampoo is from brand Cedel, I actually grabbed this at Coles as I was running out of dry shampoo on the trip. It smells amazing!

Urban Decay Vice 714, Bite Sucre, Urban Decay Vice AlphaUrban Decay Vice 714, Bite Sucre, Urban Decay Vice AlphaSmashbox Full Exposure Mini SmashBox Full Exposure S3 S1 S4, Urban Decay Vice 714, Bite Sucre, Urban Decay Vice Alpha

I’ve been wearing these three lip colours non stop since getting them. I’m really enjoying the Vice Mega Matte’s from Urban Decay, they’re so easy to apply and wear very well. The Bite lip crayon is my first Bite product and it is AMAZING to wear, the colour is just beautiful.
The mini Full Exposure palette from Smashbox was a last minute decision – I’ve not tried anything from Smashbox before and am looking forward to playing with the palette.


These Jelly’s caught my eye when I walked into Sephora and I couldn’t help but pick up a box when they kept calling my name!

Not a bad haul – especially for me. I’ve admitted before that I’m new to loving makeup so I think I did pretty well. I wanted to get more but I felt like I got what I wanted and ‘needed’ and also splurged on a few things too.

My favourite products (so far, cause I’ve not used them all yet) are the Urban Decay setting spray and the Bite Lip Crayon in Sucré.

What do you think of my haul?
Have you been to Melbourne before? I really loved it, look out for my next post which is about the restaurants and cafes that we went while we were away! 

xx Laura

P.S. My nails are by Christine at Champagne Nail Bar

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2 Replies to “Beauty // My Melbourne Makeup Haul

  1. Please let us know your thoughts on the mini full exposure!
    Oh, and roller lash mascara is life. The curling power is incredible 🙂

  2. That was the best makeup hangout EVER, and you’re right. We squealed and hugged and it was the culmination of why social media can be grand!! <3

    I'm so proud of your purchases thanks to me 😛

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