Social Media Wordpress Plugins For Bloggers

For The Bloggers // Social Media Plugins Roundup

Social Media WordPress Plugins For Bloggers

Last time I shared with you my top four WordPress plugins for bloggers. Obviously there are a bunch more, but I wanted to start of small to see what kind of reaction I’d get. You guys kept asking for more, so today I’ve got some WordPress plugins specially for social media.

Social media is so important for bloggers – and naturally you want to broadcast yourself as much as possible without it coming across as hideous or too attention grabbing. Content is key, after all. 

Now, I’m not a plugin guru, nor have I tried them all, but these are ones that I use myself that I find easy enough to use and they work seamlessly and harmoniously with my blog.

Remember to back up your site before tinkering!

Social Media Plugins for Bloggers


// Enjoy Instagram

I cannot tell you how many Instagram plugins I’ve tried. My last one was perfect, displaying correctly in my sidebar, but then one day it stopped working.


What I’m using now is Enjoy Instagram, I actually like a lot as it slowly and un-offensively slides through my latest Instagram photos. 


// Pinterest Pin It Button

Want one of those Pinterest buttons to come up over your images? This is a good plugin for it. Install it and set the default image size of your image and you’re ready to go! This is also good for getting you to be consistent with your blog image sizes 

While you’re at it, make sure you sign up to Pinterest as a business to access great analytics.

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// Shareaholic

This one was mentioned in my last post about plugins for bloggers. I’m mentioning it again as it’s what I use for my share buttons at the bottom of my posts.

It’s simple to set up and it does the sharing job well! You can choose which platforms you want too.


// Related Posts by Zemanta

While this one isn’t technically social media, I think if you are putting in a lot of effort to get people to connect with you over social media, you don’t want them to leave your site after reading one post. Zemanta takes keywords, tags and categories and displays similar posts at the bottom of your posts – meaning that once someone has finished reading your beautiful post it’s really easy for them to click through to a similar post by yourself, thus keeping them on your blog!


What social media plugins to you use on your blog?
Are there any that aren’t on here that I should try? 

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