#bloggersbrunchclub artwork by Lovingly, Kate


#bloggersbrunchclub artwork by Lovingly, Kate

Lizzy, Maddy and I have been having blogger brunches once a month for over six months now. We loved the get togethers, the chats and the knowledge (and links!) that were shared at each one.

We recently decided to make #bloggersbrunchclub a little more public, opening it up to bloggers from Auckland and beyond, and boy the reaction from other NZ bloggers was huge – we were overwhelmed but quickly got our a into g.

#bloggersbrunchclub is exactly what it sounds like, a brunch meetup for bloggers to come together informally once a month to have a coffee and some brunch – the idea is to share some tips, chat about our latest finds, have fun and most importantly make new friends.

// Are you in?
If you are interested in joining us for these monthly informal brunches, head on over to the website or our facebook group – it’s our main hub and if you’re joined up there you won’t miss a thing!

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