A Beautiful Mess - Happy Mail January #ABMHappyMail

Buy // A Beautiful Mess’ Happy Mail – January

A Beautiful Mess - Happy Mail January #ABMHappyMail

My last review of Happy Mail was last November, and this months (January’s) box is so amazing. In this months Happy Mail there’s:

  • 7 Cards + Envelopes
  • 1 Postcard
  • 1 Cheese themed print
  • 1 Love Coupon Notepad
  • 1 Sheet of Washi stickers / Envelope stickers
  • 6 Gift tags

A Beautiful Mess - Happy Mail January #ABMHappyMailA Beautiful Mess - Happy Mail January #ABMHappyMail

I got the December Happy Mail too but unfortunately didn’t get a chance to photograph it before this lot arrived.  I’ve signed up for six months to Happy Mail from A Beautiful Mess and I’m loving the first three and looking forward to the next three – knowing me I’ll subscribe for another six months.  It works out at about NZD$25 including delivery. Not bad for high quality stationery!

A Beautiful Mess - Happy Mail January #ABMHappyMail

Filled with lots of cute cards, envelope stickers, gift tags, post cards and more. Including a romantic card with Love Coupons, nice and early for Valentine’s card. ^.^

A Beautiful Mess - Happy Mail January #ABMHappyMail

My favourite cards from this month – cause it’s too hard to choose one – were the ones pictured above. The Valentine’s card, of course, is super cute, I really love the style of writing on it, and how the T of out turns into a heart, seems familiar… Also love the Pineapple card, it’s so bright and perfect for any occasion, and I absolutely adore the long doggy card, I’ve always wanted a dachshund.

A Beautiful Mess - Happy Mail January #ABMHappyMail

This Happy Mail is definitely my favourite so far, and it seems like the quality in the printing and cards has really stepped up.  So, if you’re keen to get your hands on next months Happy Mail, check out Happy Mail on the ABM Shop site.

What is your favourite one from this month?
Laura x

6 Replies to “Buy // A Beautiful Mess’ Happy Mail – January

  1. I loved this month’s Happy Mail so MUCH. Definitely the best one yet, to be honest I was a little disappointed with December’s one – so I’m glad that January’s one was so good. My favourite thing is the dachshund card!! oxoxo

    1. That dachshund (I can never spell that word) is so adorable right? Those little glasses *squeeee* It’s definitely Elsie’s doggie too. So cute.
      This months cards and quality are amazing compared to the last two months. Decembers box was good, but you’re right It’s not as good compared to the other two 🙂 Can’t wait to see what they do for Easter!

      1. Omg yes. I actually want a long haired dachshund so bad. FleurDeForce on youtube has one and holy shitballs, need one in my life.
        Yes, totally agree! And I’m so excited for the Easter ones!! I kinda wish we still had bunnies so we could dress them up for Easter (imagine the adorable blog pics!!)

  2. This looks RIGHT up my alley. I may have accidentally bought one of her books on amazon so you know that i’m just sitting by my letterbox. Love this pack, may have to look into getting it!
    For some unknown reason, i can’t reply to you on my blog ): Not ignoring you, promise x

  3. I signed up for a year for Happy Mail. I love getting the packages each month, you feel so American! I’m guilty to say I haven’t used ANYTHING from what I’ve received, but will be soon hopefully. Some of the cards I’m really tempted to frame and just piece them together on like a photo feature wall. The ‘let’s make out’ one is defs my fave from this month! 😀

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