Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Guide

Christmas Time // Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping at Christmas can be pretty stressful. I’m sharing with you today a stress-less way to wrap your gifts that’s really easy and a little better on your budget than buying a bunch of Christmas themed wrapping paper, ribbons and tags and who knows what else!

This post is inspired from a guest post I did for Lovingly, Kate – where she set a bunch of bloggers a task to creatively wrap a gift with a set of limitations. Check out the full gift wrapping blog post here on her blog.

The idea behind this way of wrapping that its quick, easy and looks amazing, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing your elements for wrapping – simple is best.

Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Guide

Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Guide

Christmas Time - Click here for more Christmas posts from Laura Laura!

What you’ll need:

  • Brown Paper
  • Coloured Ribbon 
  • Optional Decoration: Fake or fresh flowers or herbs


  1. Wrap your gift up in your brown paper. Easy.
  2. Get your decoration if you have one and place if on the gift – get creative and try placing it in a few different positions or ways until you find the right spot for it.
  3. Secure it with some tape or ribbon
  4. Use some more ribbon to finish off the wrapping – if required, remember simple is better! There is no need to go overboard.

Decoration Ideas

Get creative and think outside – literally. Go outside into your garden on a nice day and forage for sticks, flowers, herbs and more to use on your gift. They don’t have to be big, and you could use a simple stick with some ribbon on it to create a really special looking gift – and it’ll take you no time at all. Below are some ideas that I’ve used or want to use in gift wrapping:

  • Fresh rosemary stalk or other herb
  • Small stick or twig with ribbon
  • Fake flowers from the dollar store
  • Draw stars or chevron patterns with white or silver sharpie or crayon
  • Wrap a lace piece around the gift to compliment a flower or colours ribbon
  • Pre-decorated or patterned pegs 
  • Print out a photograph of yourself and the person or something Chrismassy
  • Fresh or fake feathers
  • Lace or paper doilies 
  • Instead of ribbon use coloured wool

Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Guide

Above: Fake flower from a dollar store with a twig wrapped in ribbon secured to colours paper on a gift.

Below Left: Swap out brown paper for green paper and white ribbon.

Below Right: Fresh Rosemary and a Hydrangea clipping with purple ribbon creates a really special gift wrapping idea. 

Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Check out my I’m so wrapped with you‘ Pinterest board for more inspiration!

I hope this has inspired you to keep it simple – but special this Christmas when you are gift wrapping! 
Do you have any simple and easy wrapping tips? Share them in the comments!
Laura xx

Christmas Time - Click here for more Christmas posts from Laura Laura!

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