Last Minute Gift Ideas

Christmas Time // Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Last Minute Gift Ideas


Are you freaking out yet? Christmas is nearly here, and I’m here to save your butt with last minute gift ideas for those people you may have forgotten!

1 // Wine
Wine is great (A few of my favourites are Mission Estate Fete, The Sisters Wine Sauv and VNO Rose) and can provide the perfect gift for the wine connoisseur friend, that hard to buy for person or simply a back up gift for the cupboard, in case someone shows up announced bearing gifts! 

2 // ‘All Your’s tee from the SPCA
Feel great when you’re giving this SPCA tee to your resident cat lover *ahem* me *cough*, this tee is a limited edition print from one of my fave artists and fellow nzblogger, Evie Kemp. Evie says “I wanted to create something a bit spooky, but gorgeous which reinforces the idea that every pet is special. I like to believe that we need our pets as much as they might need us” about the design. 
3 // Gift of Beauty 
My friend Lena Talks Beauty spoke about giving the gift of beauty this Christmas and I couldn’t agree more. There are plenty of beauty gifts packs around at the moment, I’ve got my eye on Murad’s Beautiful Firm Skin Kit which you can grab from Caci Clinic’s nationwide.
4 // Toys and Gadgets
Who doesn’t love a good toy? Remote controlled helicopters and cars are a great stocking stuffer idea. Perfect for the kids or the kid inside you – and are priced really well considering.
5 // Instant photos
Instax have a great thing going, reviving the polaroid and making memories last! I have been DYING to get my hands on an Instax for ages. Whenever my friend Lizzy brings her one out I get so excited! What colour Instax would you get?
6 // Watermelon Pool floater
One of your mates have a pool? Or perhaps that Auntie you rarely see – brighten up their pool with this amazing pool floater, and while your giving it why not invite yourself to make sure it works? These floats also come as Tucans, Swans, Whales and Flamingos!
7 // Platter up!
If you’re really stuck for ideas – why not plan out an amazing picnic basket or platter to give to someone? Recently In Rhi’s Pantry did an amazing post about the perfect summer platter and I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t want all of this gifted to me. Yummo!
8 // Candles
These are easy gifts, and can be really special too. Just be careful you don’t give a candle to someone who hates them / gets them all the time. If you aren’t willing to buy one (this would be buy pick if you were though) why not try and DIY some for Christmas? Madicattt has an amazing DIY tutorial.
xx Laura
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