Black Tied Jewellery

Coveted // Black Tied

Black Tied Jewellery

I saw a picture of some Black Tied jewellery on twitter one evening, and fell in love instantly – the style these guys have are exactly what I love and wish my whole jewellery wardrobe was.

After going through all of their items on their website and adding my favourites to my cart (cough* wishlist* cough) it came to over 200 pounds. I shed an imaginary tear and have bookmarked their website for when my next big payday comes around… hopefully thats soon! In the meantime though, I let my cravings for Black Tied go crazy with this mood board dedicated to their amazing products.

// Black Tied Jewellery

Black Tied JewelleryBlack Tied JewelleryBlack Tied Jewellery

Who can really say no to a website that had a customised bracelet that has YOUR name on it? 
All images are from the Black Tied website.


Reading a little bit more about them after spotting LLYMLRS modelling one of their pieces it looks like they are a favourite among bloggers in the UK and surrounding countries. I can see why!

Check out their website / facebook / instagram

Have you heard of Black Tied before? 
Which piece of jewellery is your favourite?

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