Make your own Dry Shampoo - DIY Dry Shampoo

DIY // Dry Shampoo

Hey there hey! It’s me, Sam, from PlanetBakeLife again! Did you miss me on LauraLaura? I bet you did. But I’ve used the time wisely and come up with some new beauty DIY’s that come straight out of your pantry. And today’s is super easy because it only has two ingredients and is chemical free.

Whether you’re a veteran of dry shampoo or still a novice, this recipe is so easy that you’ll soon be swapping over from your normal spray. If you’re a red head or a brunette then this is for you specifically because it won’t leave you with grey streaks in your hair. Bonus.

Make your own Dry Shampoo - DIY Dry Shampoo

2TBsp Arrowroot (Tapioca Flour)
2TBsp Ground Cinnamon

// Step One
Mix the two ingredients together in a bowl and pop into a bottle.

// Step Two
Sprinkle onto greasy second day hair and rub the powder into your head, give it a few moments to absorb before brushing out. Voilà!

Make your own Dry Shampoo - DIY Dry ShampooDry Shampoo - DIY Dry Shampoo

I used an empty spice bottle for this dry shampoo so I can pop it in my purse and take it with me easily. You never know when you’ll need a bit of a touch up during the day. A Masterfood’s spice bottle can be easily cleaned out and can be made into a shaker with the plastic fitting that goes on top. It makes it easy to apply and easy to top up.

Make your own Dry Shampoo - DIY Dry Shampoo

Black / Dark Brown Hair? If you have super dark hair then you’ll want add more cinnamon or if you don’t like cinnamon you can even add a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder to minimise white streaks. The Homebrand cocoa from Countdown is the best one I’ve seen – as it has no sugar added to it. You really don’t want to add sugar to your hair! You’re sweet enough as it is.

I bought my cinnamon from a cash and carry bulk buy store so it worked out cheaper but I’ve included some prices from just regular old Countdown and it’s super cheap.

Make your own Dry Shampoo - DIY Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos can cost anywhere between $6 and $16 a bottle and its down to how much you depend on dry shampoo as to how long this lasts. I used about ¼ of a spice bottle in one go for my hair when it was particularly greasy (remember that a spice bottle is only about 40g-50g) but everyone’s hair is different. I break down to the prices after the break!

Sam xx

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Arrowroot – 56c
Cinnamon – $1.50
Total $2.06

Arrowroot – 56c
Cocoa Powder – 44c
Total $1.00

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