Step by Step Nail Tutorial - Glitter Nails

DIY: Easy Glitter Manicure

Step by Step Nail Tutorial - Glitter Nails

Easy manicure? YES PLEASE! Need a quick nail manicure that isn’t the “same old thing”? This DIY Nail Tutorial is just for you. Grab some glitter, and you’re basically ready to go!

// What You’ll Need

  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • Glitter, craft glitter is totally fine (I got mine from the local $2 store)
  • Small Bowl

Glitter Manicure Tutorial - Glitter Nails DIY

1. Prep your nails for a manicure, I like to make sure my nails are clean and remove any cuticles. Apply one layer of base coat. I’ve used Seche’s Rebuild.

Glitter Manicure Tutorial - Glitter Nails DIY

2. Place your glitter into a small bowl, make sure there is plenty in the bowl. Apply a coat of base coat, one nail at a time.

Step by Step Nail Tutorial - Glitter Nails

3. Place each nail into the glitter for a few seconds. Move the nail around a little bit to make sure you get good glitter coverage. Alternatively place your nail over a small bowl and pour the glitter over it.


4. Wait for the polish with glitter to dry for a minute or so, then clean the sides of your finger of the excess glitter. Repeat until all fingers are covered in beautiful glitter.

Step by Step Nail Tutorial - Glitter Nails

5. Apply top coat and let dry.

Voila! You are done – a super quick manicure, perfect for these autumn months thatare approaching, and super versatile.

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3 Replies to “DIY: Easy Glitter Manicure

    1. Hey Maggie! These were simple to remove!
      I feel that with glitter polishes a good base coat is what counts the most. If you apply a good, thick layer of it and make sure it dries properly before apply any glitter or glitter polish then it’ll come off a lot easier than not xx

    2. an easy way to remove glitter polishes that are stubborn – use an acetone based nail polish remover on a cotton pad or cotton ball and wrap it onto your nail and wrap tin foil around it to hold it in place. like a tin foil cap over your finger! let it stay for a few mins and then pull it all off while applying pressure to your nail and the glitter should all (or almost all) come off nice and easily

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