DIY Polaroid Pictures Template - Download for free, LauraLaura

DIY // Print your own Polaroid Pictures!

DIY Polaroid Pictures!

I’m an avid photographer – especially of my baby nephew Jax! It’s been a goal of mine for quite some time to print out photos that I’ve taken.  I recently got a new HP Envy printer and it’s made this goal so easy to complete!

Just to make life even easier – and make sure there is no excuse – I made myself a polaroid template in photoshop, so I can easily pull in the photographs to photoshop and quickly print them off with my new printer!

I want to take you through my process, and then share with you the photoshop template I use, so you can make your own easy polaroid photos too!

DIY Polaroid Pictures

What you’ll need:

  • A Printer, I used my new HP Envy 5640
  • A4 printer paper, I would recommend 100+ gsm, but it still works great with 80gsm
  • DIY Polaroid Pictures Photoshop Template (download for free below)
  • Photographs on your computer

DIY Polaroid Pictures Template - Download for free, LauraLaura


  1. Collate your photos and edit them as you desire
  2. Go to File > Place Embedded
  3. Position image over pink box
  4. In layers, position photo layer over pink box, right click on image and select Create Clipping Mask. This will stop your photo from going outside the pink box
  5. Repeat untill all you have your desired amount of photos
  6. Export as PDF and Print!
  7. Trim the polaroid carefully with scissors or an exacto knife
  8. Display and enjoy!

So easy – and really effective. 

DIY Polaroid Pictures!

These are a great gift idea, or perfect for decorating parties and events.

Grab a copy of the photoshop file below – and be sure to show me on Facebook or Twitter if you give it a go!

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DIY Polaroid Pictures Photoshop Template[/button]

Who wants to make some this weekend?

DIY Polaroid Pictures!

I think these would look great with coloured or patterned frames to, especially hung up on a wall. You could also easily stick your printed out polaroid pictures onto a magnet for the fridge.Remember to share and tag with #lauralauraDIY when you make your own! 
Laura xx

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