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Getting Personal: My Clinique Story Changer

A few months ago, I shared with you my new skincare regime when I moved to Clinique for my full time skincare products. I jumped on the I love Clinique boat and I haven’t really looked back!

Confident in by own skin - Anti Blemish - Laura Lock for Clinique

At 27 I can finally be confident enough to show the world my skin as it is, natural and makeup free. No makeup selfie, anyone?

I showed you visible differences in my skin over the first two weeks, the transition definitely made my skin ‘freak out’ a bit, but then it sorted itself out and has been blemish free since. I’m still using the anti blemish system daily. You can check out my original posts here.

What I didn’t tell you was that this wasn’t the first time I’d used Clinique. I was first introduced to Clinique in my teens, when my skin and hormones were still sorting themselves out. I was fortunate – ha – enough to have embarrassingly bad skin once when my grandmother came to visit. When she came up we would go out to ballet shows and dinner etc. It was so embarrassing having to go out, I hated it.
One afternoon she shared with me that she knew what it felt like to have bad skin at my age, how hard it must be. That day she didn’t just share with me her Clinique products – she shared her frustration at bad skin with me. This made me feel so good, and empowered me to start thinking about my skin instead of struggling with it. I learnt fairly quickly that her skin type wasn’t the same as mine, it didn’t stop me from visiting Clinique and getting the correct products for my skin type.

Over the years I moved on to other products, but I’m so happy now that I’m in a position where I can be using Clinique again and being blemish free. It does wonders for my self esteem. 

Laura by Kate Tovey - Kate Tovey PhotographyAlso, wanted to share with you this photo of me, which I love, by photographer Kate Tovey. Where I’m wearing simple foundation and lipstick – nothing else!

I’ve had a few readers talk to me about how there’s just nothing out there for acne or blemish prone skin from dermatologists that’s available over the counter for everyone, and I have to stress that this isn’t true, you just need to be patient and find the right one for your skin type, especially if you’re serious about have blemish free skin.

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