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Gift Guide // Christmas for Me

I thought I could kick off my Christmas posts with a focus on myself. Laura’s wishlist – don’t mind if I do.

It was the easiest, and let’s be honest, most non-intrusive way of talking about Christmas on the blog – with it still being November and over a month away!

So, I’m kicking off Christmas a liiiiiitle early with a list of things I’m currently coveting to land under our tree this year. 

 Christmas Wish List - Laura Laura

On my Christmas Wishlist

1 // A trip to Milse
For an evening of amazing deliciousness. I went along with Maddy, Fran and Grace one night earlier in the year. I was blown away by the food, not only the taste by how it was plated and presented. We were lucky enough to nab the chef’s table so we got to see the magic happen – I would definitely recommend that table if you go! Also definitely check out Maddy from Madicattt’s review of the evening us girls had at Fukuko and Milse

2 // Face to Face Makeup
This new make up range from Witchery looks devine. I really would love to give this brand a try as the colours look so intense – perfect for the summer thats (not that quickly, it feels) approaching. Ahem, this eye palette in ‘pink’, lipstick and blush in particular. From $18.90

3 // Wreck This Journal
I saw this journal at a Gordon Harris store one lunchbreak and am kicking myself for not getting it then and there.  It’s a little book that has prompts on each page for you to doodle, write and draw. Something that I really want to do more of – would be perfect for in the handbag! NZ$15.99

4 // The Sims 4
I’ve been a fan of The Sims since it came out in early 2000. The Sims 4 is the most recent ‘instalment’, for lack of a better term, was released earlier this year and I haven’t managed to play it yet. I feel like this would probably be the worst out of the bunch on my wishlist, as it would keep me inside instead of outside in the summer sun! NZ$74.99

5 // Pandora Charms
One of my favourite necklaces is my Pandora one – I don’t wear it a huge amount, as it means a lot to me so I try and save it for special occasions. In saying that, I think that means that family and friends think I don’t like it – but I really really do. I especially have loved Pandora’s recent Essence collection. These two charms are my favourites; the Cathedral Rose and Fleur de Lis charms. From NZ$45

6 // Pair of Toms
This pair of Toms in particular caught my eye as I love pretty much everything paisley. Owning a pari of Toms is also on my 100 in 1000 – so to be honest if anyone got me a pair they’d be helping me immensely with my list *wink wink*. US$59.99

8 // Firefly – The Game
Basically if you don’t ‘get this’ we can’t be friends. Haha – I am, of course, kidding. But, if you don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want this then you need to watch this RIGHT NOW (basically in one sitting), followed by this series followed closely by this series. Now. NZ$79.99

Wishing Tree AppealPlease remember that Christmas is also a hard time of year for a lot of families, and individuals, across NZ and around the world. Each year I make sure I give either my time, love or money to a cause I care about.

I’ve long been a fan of the The Wishing Tree Appeal. The Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal is now in its 20th year and this year aims to collect 45,000 gifts distributed by the Salvation Army to families that might otherwise go without. This yearโ€™s Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal will be collecting gifts in stores around the country from now until 24 December. For more information, check out The Wishing Tree Appeal site.

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7 Replies to “Gift Guide // Christmas for Me

  1. OMG I totally forgot about the wreck this journal on my list!! But I definitely need to get one as a part on my 101 in 1001 challenge! I have the Sims 4 and I actually almost forgot that I have it as I haven’t played it in the last 6 weeks ๐Ÿ˜› You have some pretty awesome stuff on your list! Hope that you will get them all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Thanks Sarah! I’m glad this post reminded you about the journal – it’s such a great idea. If I don’t get that I’ll definitely buy it for myself x
      Do you love the Sims 4? I really want to get my hands on it – ideally though I should wait until it’s released for mac.

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