Vodka Tropical Cocktail

Good Eats // Lite Tropical Cocktail

I’m always down for anything tropical. Tropical flavoured juice, tropical takes on recipes, the list goes on. So when Barker’s of Geraldine released two new and unique fruit flavour blends to its fruit syrups range, with one of them being Tropical I jumped at the chance to use the syrup in a cocktail.  Both of the new Barker’s flavours use the natural sweetness of the stevia plant to sweeten the syrups but give them a not-too-sweet taste.

The new Lite Tropical is a blend of orange, pineapple and passionfruit, and has 46% less sugar than Barker’s Orange & Barley with Passionfruit and half the sugar of most cordials and other ready to drink fruit drinks currently available – great news right? Especially when paring it with alcohol in this case.

Vodka Tropical Cocktail

// Simple Lite Tropical Cocktail Recipe
1 part Lite Tropical
1 part Pear flavoured Vodka
6 parts Chilled Sparkling Water

Add all ingredients, in order, to a glass, garnish with ice and enjoy.

This cocktail is refreshing and so easy to make – perfect for a weeknight when you want something a little fancier than a glass of wine!

You could easily swap out the Pear Vodka, for your favourite fruit flavoured vodka or even standard vodka would go down a treat.

Laura xx

Vodka Tropical Cocktail

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  1. omg this looks SO SO GOOD! I wonder if we can get these syrups in Aussie! So far I’ve only found this Bickfords cloudy apple one which is delicious xx

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