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I really love Mexican and Latin American food, like a loooot, so when I got to go here for a Zomato meet-up I got really excited.  Besos Latinos offers traditional dishes from all over, including; Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Panama, along with a fine selection of Latin American cocktails, wines and beers.

Horchata - Besos Latinoas// The Food & Drink
We were welcomed to the restaurant by the owner, Luis, and with a cup of Horchata – a drink that is made of ground rice and oats. It was very refreshing and completely different to what I was expecting. Luis said that it’s a traditional drink, made to counter hot food and temperatures.

We started with the Holy Guacamole and the Salsa Roja O Verde to eat, the latter was a normal salsa but served warm and packed great flavour, nothing too spicy here.

We were then served a small bowl of pure deliciousness – Ceviche – this was my first time having ceviche. Having never tried it before, and honestly not really knowing what to expect, I was floored by the freshness of the fish and the mix of amazing flavours. SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL FLAVOUR.

Then, we had deep fried Empanadas and Flautas – popular Mexican street food. So easy to eat and flavour that keeps you wanting more and more. The Empanadas are vegetarian with courgette and (I believe) corn filling, where the Flautas has cheese and chicken filling, I preferred the Flautas to the Empanadas personally, but both were good!

For the main event we had Beef Alambre and Grilled Chicken (hot plates) served with fresh corn tortillas. The beef dish was the perfect level of spicy for me, the chicken was a little sweet and both had a really beautiful BBQ / charred taste to them.

To finish (yes there was more!) we were individually served a dessert similar in texture to rice pudding, which was very very sweet – perfect for a sweet tooth. The table also shared the Flan de Cafe which was a really nice end to the night – yum!

Besos Latinos

// My Must Try’s from Besos Latinos
Salsa Roja O Verde, Flautas, Ceviche – the Ceviche really is a must though they only serve it if they have the freshest fish which is a good thing to note!

// Location and Ambience
Besos Latinos is located at the back of Elliot Stables with it’s own seating area ( but you can still order their food for the food court ), the restaurant itself is beautifully decorated and has a great atmosphere that could suit a romantic evening but also a birthday dinner party – they even have their own fountain!  Cecilia, parter to Luis, designed and decorated the restaurant herself and really does live up to the name which translates into Latin kisses.

I saw advertised that they have live music on some week nights and would be very keen to check that out at some point.

Besos Latinos
39 Elliott St, Auckland, 1010
09-303 0217

besos latinos // elliot stables

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2 Replies to “Good Eats Out // Besos Latinos

  1. I love Besos Latinos. Their food, ambience and service are great. They have a short cocktail list but it’s worthwhile working through it. I love their classic Margarita and their Pisco Sour. It was such a surprise finding the restaurant for the first time, it’s so hidden away, not something that would stumble across by accident.

    1. So true! I remember the first time I went to Elliot Stables I was amazed that this place was inside it! I absolutely love the decor and the fountain.

      I’ve made a mental note to have one of their classic Margaritas next time!

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