Olive Oil Tasting Tuscany

Good Eats // Tasting Tips for Appreciating Olive Oil

Olive Oil Tasting Tuscany

Having olive oil straight is not something I ever thought I would do until about 10 years ago when Dad brought home some amazing olive oils and dukkah to enjoy with fresh bread after a colleague of his came home from a trip abroad. I instantly fell in love with it and dukkah, and over the years have found a real appreciation for the different flavours of olive oils out there.

So today, with the help from Count Francesco Miari Fulcis and Trafalgar, we’re talking about how to test your olive oil to make sure it’s at it’s best for tasting and appreciating. 

Fulcis is the owner of Laudemio production at Fattoria Di Maiano, the olive oil estate featured as one of the Trafalgar Be My Guest experiences in Tuscany.  He’s shared his four basic steps to check the extra virgin olive oil below:

1 // Keep the oil in a warm glass and cover with one hand on the top

2 // Rotate horizontally, so that the oil will move gently inside the glass of warm water

3 // Take your hand away from the top of the glass and smell the extra virgin olive oil;
good: green grass
bad: old fruit

4 // Taste the extra virgin olive oil and at the same time breathe in some oxygen so the extra virgin olive oil will have an explosion of flavour;
good: light, spicy in the mouth, need to leave your mouth clean after a few minutes
bad: fat, rancid, won’t leave the mouth clean

Once you’ve tested your olive oil to make sure it’s good, you can then enjoy it!  You can experience olive oil tasting with Count Francesco Miari Fulcis on his olive oil estate during Trafalgar’s Be My Guest experience on holidays in Tuscany.

Tuscany, Italy

This is one (of the many things) I wish I’d done when we went to Florence, Tuscany a few years ago. I loved Florence city for the bridges and cobbled streets but I really wish we’d gotten out into the Tuscan countryside.  If you’re thinking of visiting Tuscany or Italy make sure you check out Trafalgar.com.

Have you been to Tuscany or Italy before and experienced something truly Italian?
Have you tried dukkah before? Whats your favourite flavour?
Laura x

Photos courtesy of Trafalgar.  #trafalgarinsider

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