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Good Eats // Top Five Long Weekend Eats in Melbourne

Visiting Melbourne for a long weekend?
Love eating good food?

I’ve got my top five picks from when I was there recently for a long weekend. If you’re dropping in to Melbourne, these should be your goto places to get good eats!

// 5 – Fancy Hanks
We can’t go past a good American BBQ. Fancy Hanks was chosen for us when going out for dinner with some friends. We booked early got a great booth at the top of the restaurant giving you a nice view of everyone. I saw they had a balcony also which would be my first pick when coming back here (if there weren’t any smokers about!)

I’m gonna start off by saying that if you’re thinking about getting a cocktail, definitely get the jug of it. It’s huge and worth the $$.

Whatever food you get, you’ll get a lot of it so keep that in mind too – Hubby and I opted for the “Three Meats” option. It was huge and insane. The brisket and chilli were my favourites. The hush puppies go amazing with the chilli too.

Definitely try: The cocktails and the Brisket.

Fancy Hanks, American BBQ - Melbourne Fancy Hanks, American BBQ - Melbourne Fancy Hanks, American BBQ - Melbourne

// 4 – Higher Ground
Brunch at Higher Ground is a must. It’s fancy, it’s in the CBD and it’s impressive. Located in an old power station, the multi-level cafe has simple decor and a fresh ambience. I loved their use of fresh plants throughout – made me feel like I was in a massive greenhouse.

The menu is probably it’s great differentiator to other cafes around, it’s got a lot to choose from but is simple and modern (hard to explain, take a look at it on their website).

I couldn’t decide between the Lamb Fry Up or the Slow Cooked Beans so went for the waitresses recommendation of the Lamb. The combination of this dish in my mouth was divine. Loved everything about it. Hubby had the Higher Ground Benedict which was very overwhelming due to the bearnaise sauce, he did enjoy it otherwise though.

Definitely try: The Lamb Fry Up.

Higher Ground Cafe Melbourne Higher Ground Cafe Melbourne Higher Ground Cafe Melbourne

// 3 – Cafe Andiamo
The laneways in Melbourne are goldmines for great cafes and restaurants. We looked up a few laneways and went for a wander down a few of them while in Melbourne. They have a real european feel to them which I love.

On our last night in Melbourne we felt like Italian for dinner so ended up at Cafe Andiamo, which is near Flinders Station. I grabbed the Prosciutto pizza with no mushrooms, and hubby got a Bolognese gnocchi. Both were, of course, delicious but I couldn’t get over how fresh, flavourful and cheesy my pizza was. Definitely in my top three pizzas ever.

Definitely try: The pizza. Their desserts looked AMAZING.

Cafe Andiamo - Laneways Melbourne Cafe Andiamo - Laneways Melbourne

// 2 – MoVida Next Door
MoVida was recommended to me as a must-visit. I had threats of friendships ending if I didn’t go. I now see why – it’s divine. 

We went to MoVida Next Door which is a small bar restaurant with romantic ambience and perfect service. It’s apparently more relaxed than MoVida, which is why I picked it. We had a table right on the bar, next to the kitchen so we could watch the magic happen.

We started with the Embutido which came with breads and olive oil, followed by Queso Manchego, Croquetas, Pincho de cerdos and Bombas
FYI Hubby and I aren’t big on seafood, hence no seafood options chosen.

Photos are a bad as the lighting was crap, but I didn’t care because it was so damn good.

Definitely try: Pincho de cerdos and the SANGRIA, definitely the Sangria.

MoVida Next Door, Melbourne MoVida Next Door, Melbourne MoVida Next Door, Melbourne

// 1 – Industry Beans
A short tram or bus ride from Melbourne CBD gets you to Fitzroy. Dubbed “Hipster central” is a beautiful, rustic suburb with plenty of window shopping options and cafes. Industry Beans is located off the main road, on Rose St. We managed to grab the last table at the back of the cafe next to where they store an impressive amount of imported coffee beans.

I had two coffees while we were here, both were the ones recommended to have without milk (I am a black coffee girl) – the La Rosalia Estate from Costa Rica and the Kamuchuni from Kenya.

To eat; I got the (highly recommend) Smashed Avocado with poached egg and bacon. hubby had Eggs on Toast with beetroot relish and a side of Canadian bacon.
Let me tell you, that Canadian bacon is probably the best bacon I’ve ever tasted – and I only had a sliver of it. Thick bacon marinaded in maple – delicious. BACON.

Definitely try: Iced chocolate if you aren’t a coffee drinker. Smashed Avocado. Canadian Bacon.

Iced Chocolate - Industry Beans Cafe Melbourne Coffee Industry Beans Cafe Melbourne Smashed Avocado Industry Beans Cafe Melbourne Eggs on Toast with Canadian Bacon Industry Beans Cafe Melbourne Industry Beans Cafe Melbourne

Other great places to check out if you’ve not been to Melbourne before:

  • Food lovers have to visit Queen Victoria Markets. They have a traditional english indoor market, and great outdoor vege markets too
  • Cafe Notturno – best cakes ever
  • Hello Jose is your quirky Mexican food fix, short walk from Vic Markets
  • Chocolate lovers must get themselves to a Lindt Chocolate Cafe – a wee bit pricey but OH so worth it
  • Brunetti is a great italian restaurant out in Carlton
  • Pancake Parlour – just go here with an empty stomach, seriously
  • The General Assembly – great selection of tap beers, perfect spot to stop in after shopping at DFO 😉

Do you have any other recommendations for Melbourne?
xx Laura

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  1. YAAAAAAAAAS MOVIDA YOU WENT i am so jelly. I heard the other day that the popup in NZ wasn’t that great so I really hope they aren’t losing their touch :/ I can’t wait to go back next time I’m in Melb. That iced chocolate looks incred, eating in Melbourne is the beeeeeest 😀

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