Easy ways to declutter your online life

Helpful ways to declutter my online life

I’m a digital project manager by day – not sure if you knew that 😉 That means most of the day I’m glued to a computer, my mobile phone, someone else’s phone or a telephone making sure my projects are running on-time, on-budget, looking good and feeling fine.

I’ll be honest, I have a fair amount of stress making sure that all of them run smoothly – I love the challenge! but over the years I’ve learned to do and use a few things that help reduce the stress and manage it!

So, I’m sharing some handy tools that I use to help declutter and calm my online life!

Unroll Me - Easy ways to declutter your online life

This tool takes care of email subscriptions for me. Every so often it’ll email me that I have a million websites that I’ve subscribed to hear from and lets me easily unsubscribe from them quickly one-by-one. Too easy! 

Grammarly - Easy ways to declutter your online life

I’m pretty bad at spell and grammar checking myself. Grammarly is a great tool that helps (and teaches me) how to write better. It makes me look better and more professional – there are not many tools (especially ones that are free) that do this. 

I use the free version of this at home and at work. I’ve never bought the full version because the free one does more than enough for me! and I’m cheap haha. 

Nimbus Screenshot - Easy ways to declutter your online life

This is a browser extension that I use for taking screenshots it’s great for when I want to take a screenshot of something and then mark it up with instructions or be really clear with my feedback.

AdBlocker - Easy ways to declutter your online life

An absolute must-have for me. The amount of ads that are EVERYWHERE is frustrating. This browser extension doesn’t catch them all, but definitely eliminates a lot of them, making it cleaner and easier to navigate the web. 


That’s my list! What’s missing? Let me know in the comments what I’m missing out on that helps your online life be more calm and decluttered

Laura x

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