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Home // Bedroom Dreaming – White Out

I seriously love doing these types of posts so much. Dreaming and wish-listing things have become a great pass time all thanks to Pinterest, and I find myself slowly but surely thinking about what I’m buying for the home more and more as I realise what I want my personal taste to be.

Today I’ve got one of my favourite dream bedroom styles. I want one bedroom that’s white (a la gh0starties).

I have so many dream bedroom styles, that I can’t stick to just one bedroom dreaming post. I will be doing at least a few more. 

White Bedroom Inspiration - Home Decor Inspiration

1 // Peyton Bed Frame
This bedframe is gorgeous! I currently don’t have a bedframe and this is one I would jump at to have! Plus it’s name is Peyton which is I think meant to be (One Tree Hill fan right here!) You can grab this from Freedom Furniture.

2 // Medallion Jewellery Stand
I think I want to live in Urban Outfitters. I keep finding (and buying) beautiful home accessories from them. The shipping to New Zealand isn’t too bad either. This Jewellery holder is beautiful and the detail on each of the level is handdrawn!

3 // Candle
I basically want this candle for the mug – well actually I’d probably buy this and then not want to burn it ever! It’s too pretty. Urban Outfitters have done it again.

4 // Elements Tallboy
I love the simplicity of this tallboy/drawer unit. It could easily be moved from a modern room to a more classic setting and blend in well – timeless pieces are the best type. You can grab it here from Freedom Furniture!

5 // Love Print
This love print from Kmart is delicate with a pinch of colour and depth, and it’s crazy affordable.

6 // Throw
This throw is from Farmers. They’ve recently upped their game quite a bit in the home/lifestyle section and there are a few items on my Christmas list already from them. This throw, called the Camile Throw, looks super comfortable and while it’s a bit expensive I know would get lots of love from me in my bedroom.

7 // Cube Storage
Okay so any bedroom is not complete without lots of open storage, or a few chairs that have lots of ‘recent’ clothes on them. I currently have a moving box (that still hasn’t been unpacked btw) that I keep all my ‘recent’ clothes on, as in the ones I want out but that I might wear in the next few days weeks. A few of these puppies stacked would be perfect for me, cause even if its messy it’ll still look cool.

Would you brave a white bedroom?
What bedroom style do you like the most?

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5 Replies to “Home // Bedroom Dreaming – White Out

  1. Yes, yes, YES! I’m totally a white fan too. Always have been! In particular, I’ve lusted after having a white couch foreveeer, but now that I have Charlie? Well, it just seems like a disaster waiting to happen, so I probably won’t :p But these pieces are luscious!

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