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Our home office is currently our new kitten’s (Eddie’s) room while he gets settled into our home and gets big enough to go venture outside, until then my home office is more a kitty bed and playroom. For he last three months though, I’ve been dreaming and planning affordable ways to spruce it up for when we can turn it back into more of a home office.

I decided a few mood boards instead of buying up large and putting everything in storage would probably be the best idea, so I went dream shopping! Here we go:

Home Office Ideas

1 //
This bookcase / display unit from Kmart is something I’ve been lusting over for a LONG time. I think this will probably make it into my home sooner rather than later. Not sure if I should get it in black or white though? Maybe both!

2 //
This planter is just so me. The picture I’ve got here does it no justice, definitely check it out, it’s from Urban Outfitters. The pattern is just gorgeous and I want four of them please. kthxbai.

3 //
I feel that stress balls are a must have in an office, and rather than a yellow smiley face that you can deform I think these tetris styled ones from Think Geek are so cute!

4 //
This is definitely a dream item on this mood board. Brandon Boyd is one of my favourite artists, and he has this piece, “Up and Away”, for sale online at the moment. Orange is my favourite colour, it’s by my favourite artist, it’d look amazing in my home office – It’s meant to be right?

5 //
Stag heads, or any animal head really, are a bit of a fad, I know. But I actually really like this one from Typo, I would probably put it quite low of the wall, maybe just above head level and then hang jewellery or fabric off it rather than it be a centrepiece of the room.

6 //
I am all about the hippy and bohemian vibe. I was looking at the Freedom Furniture website for desks, see #8, and this little guy popped up as a recommended item – I am a huge fan of rugs, and this one I absolutely love!

7 //
Looks like a plant doesn’t it. ITS NOT. Each individual stem or leaf is actually a PEN. YES. OMG. Love. Want. Need. Also, their name is hilarious.

8 //
As mentioned before I was looking around the Freedom Furniture website for desks. I’m actually really surprised at the stuff they have at freedom, they’ve dramatically upped their game on the cool furniture front, and this desk is definitely one of my must haves. Ideally the legs would be a peach or a orange, but this minty green colour would definitely suffice.

What’s your favourite from my wishlist?
Have you ever redone an entire room? or spruced it up?

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12 Replies to “Home // Home Office Dreaming

  1. Omg I love Tetris anything. Those are my favourites!
    Ahhhh I love home decor!! I want to redo my room so bad.

      1. Yes! I used to be absolutely obsessed with the ThinkGeek website – so many awesome things on there! ????

        1. There are so many amazing things on there. They have these jackets that have so many pockets for certain things, but when you wear it it doesnt look like there are millions of pockets. omg I want one so bad

  2. Lots of nice things! Love the desk. Freedom has some awesome furniture. Bought a lamp and a coffee table there a few weeks a go and there was so much stuff I wanted to bring home. And that pen?? AWESOME!!

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