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Life // 100 in under 1000 Update

100 in under 1000 - Laura Laura Lifestyle Blogger

It’s been a few months since I declared doing 100 things in under 1000 days. I thought it was time for an update as I’ve consciously and unconsciously ticked some off over this time. I’m looking forward to ticking more off too! 

Laura Laura

Doing – #11. Travel overseas
Tickets are booked and planning documents and saving money is now happening. I’m going to Japan in late April 2015 to see my good friend Fran who is over there teaching at the moment!
Photo from Fran’s blog.

Wearing Laura Laura

Done – #35.Try fake eyelashes
I got these done! While they made washing your face annoying in the shower (e.g. couldn’t open my eyes) they were stunning, dramatic and made morning routines so much quicker in terms of make up application. If I could have real lashes this length all the time, I would!

Donate today NZBlood

Done – #46. Donate blood
Donating blood is something my dad did regularly and encouraged people to do as well.

If you can donate, then why not do it? Your blood can save lives. 

I went along for my first of many in my 1000 days with Sam from PlanetBakeLife and got a sweet blood stress ball to take home 🙂  The process was quick and reletively painless, the team were lovely, there were free cookies, and the main donation centre in Auckland is open after 5pm too, so really there is no excuse to not donate.

Goat Island

Done – #49. Go snorkelling
Road tripping up to Goat Island with my family in early 2015 was so much fun. We bathed in the sun, went for a two hour snorkel and enjoyed each others company. We saw so many fish and one even made a bee-line for Graeme’s finger which had his wedding ring on it, that fish must’ve been hungry. Snorkelling is so much fun and I hope I get to do it again somewhere more tropical to see more amazing and different kinds of fish!
Photo is of Goat Island Marine Reserve in Leigh.

Jimmy Eat World in Auckland in 2014

Doing – #52. Go to a concert
I made this a goal as I hardly ever go to concerts. 2015 has turned into year of the concerts. I’ve got tickets to four amazing artists this year, the first one being Passenger later this week. Crazy!
Photo is from the only concert I went to in 2014, Jimmy Eat World at Auckland’s Powerstation


Done – #60. Teach a Class
We held our first #laptop in late 2014. It was so much fun to teach ad talk to other bloggers for the whole day. I was super nervous, but all of the bloggers who attended seemed to really enjoy it and they loved it. Hopefully they have put their lessons into action!
Photo is of #laptopclub’s 2015 blog planner released in early 2015.

So far these are the ones I’ve definitely ticked off, or about to, and I’m so excited going over the list to tick off other ones! I’ve got not much time to complete them all, but I’m definitely doing my best to get there!

9 Replies to “Life // 100 in under 1000 Update

    1. Thanks Sam! I really enjoyed giving blood, I think I might take a leaf out of your book and try and donate some of my time to the SPCA or similar charity this year too 🙂 x

      1. I think that’s a great idea!
        I think I over-committed myself last year though. This year I might look for single day or weekend volunteer opportunities. Like beach clean up days and things like that. If you’re keen, we can always have a look at doing that sort of thing together 🙂 x

  1. Love this post! It’s so much fun ticking things off the list! I’m about to do my update (next week I think!), and I’m actually so surprised to see how many things I’ve actually managed to do.
    So excited that you’re going to Japan, can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂 oxoxo

  2. How exciting going to Japan. It’s definitely one place that I want to go and visit. I had give blood on my initial list of things to do and am looking forward till I can again. Knowing that it takes less then an hour to save a live, it is important.

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