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This post is a LONG time coming. We got our new baby boy Eddie at the end of April. I was about to start a new job and had taken a two week break between jobs to have a mini holiday and Graeme and I thought it was about time we got a brother for our cat Sydney. I really wanted a boy and also wanted a kitten – but wasn’t too fussed. We headed down to our local SPCA one saturday morning with my mum to see what they had.

Eddie, who’s original name was George, was in a cage with his two sisters when we saw him. All three of them were only approximately eight weeks old and full of life. While we didn’t want to separate the three of them, we felt that taking George/Eddie to live with us and leaving the two sisters together was okay (believe me, If I could’ve taken them all I would’ve!)

On the drive home we chose the name Eddie. The name came from the same book that we got Sydney’s name from. He seemed pretty happy with the new name and didn’t make any complaints. 

Eddie Lock - Our baby boy // Cats. Laura Lauraeddie2 eddie3 eddie4 eddie5 eddie6eddie5-1 eddie7 eddie8 eddie9eddie11 eddie10

So, here we are now, a few months later with a post about him when I really should’ve done it earlier! Eddie is now about the same size as Sydney who is two years old, but Eddie is definitely still kitten looking – I think he’s going to be a big boy!

If you are thinking about adopting or getting a cat, kitten or pet, please consider going to your local SPCA or animal shelter.

xx Laura

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