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It’s been a little while since I did one of these. The last time I did one I wasn’t in a very good head space. These last six months have been the hardest for me in terms of ‘challenges’ that keep getting thrown at me. I’m pushing forward and hoping to come out the other side of them happy, healthy and ready for more – it’s just hard whens it’s one thing after another, amiright?

Making: Websites and lots of them.
Cooking: An amazing chorizo dish over and over again
Drinking: Not enough water
Reading: The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins 
Wanting: Graeme and I to find a new, good, and clean place to live asap.
Looking: At my first ever fashion post and feeling proud for doing it and putting myself out there.
Playing: Commander Keen and Theme Hospital.
Wishing: For second chances
Enjoying: Freedom. Possibly for the wrong reasons, but, I am enjoying this break.
Waiting: For out dream rental house to come on trademe.
Liking: Getting into the CBD super early so I can stroll through Victoria Park with a coffee in the mornings.
Wondering: If there is a secret club that everyone but me is in.
Loving: My sister. She is amazing.
Pondering: If I have too much on my plate at the moment. (This is pretty much all the time.)
Considering: Throwing all my clothes out and starting fresh.
Watching: Young & Hungry and Breaking Bad
Hoping: We find a house asap.
Marvelling: At myself – may be selfish but hey – I’m surprised I can get out of bed in the mornings sometimes.
Needing: A girls night, ALWAYS.
Wearing: and loving my new Kmart Jeans
Following: Kelly and Rhiana
Noticing: That I can’t stop stress from attacking my skin and making me have pimples. Dammit.
Knowing: That I can be inspiring.
Thinking: About my dad.
Admiring: My friends.
Sorting: Out our home – it’s inorganic soon and I want to get rid of as much as possible.
Buying: Probably too much for the lack of wages I’m on.
Getting: A tattoo in a month. I’m so so excited.
Bookmarking: Everything
Disliking: My feet and how wide and sore they are.
Opening: the new range of Clinique skincare and feeling spoiled! It’s amazing
Giggling: At this vine.
Feeling: Okay
Snacking: on Swiss Cheese – in love.
Coveting: Basically everything in this beautiful blog post over and over.
HelpingLadies in need.
Hearing: George FM all day with the same tunes over and over…

Shoutout to Pip who has a blank one for you if you wish to do one yourself.

I love doing these posts and reading other peoples ones too, if you’ve done one recently please link me to yours in the comments
Laura x

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8 Replies to “Life // Taking Stock

  1. My feet were really swollen and sore over summer so I did a bit of Googling and found a really easy solution. I went swimming. But I just floated on my back for 15 minutes and it really helped.
    Apparently the water causes pressure on your legs which gets the blood pumping away from your feet. It was a God send.
    If you want to try it, give me a shout and we can go together 🙂

  2. Brilliant work. Have just downloaded Young and Hungry – have been looking for a new series to watch! ALSO! Theme Hospital! How am I only first hearing about this?!? I grew up addicted to Theme Park so it baffles me that another one exists. Oh, that’s right. I didn’t grow up with google and forums. No wonder it slipped my radar 😉

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