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Life // Taking Stock

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It’s been ages since I did one of these taking stock posts – I really enjoy doing them – if you haven’t done one before I highly recommend giving it a go.  

I find it helps centre me and when I reflect on them It’s always so refreshing to see how honest I am with myself and this blog. I want all my readers to know that I’m a big advocate for no bullshit blogging, and when i’m writing my posts a lot of the time they are brain honest dumps that get put up straight away.  A friend of mine has recently rebranded her blog to be more lifestyle and all about no bullshit. I’m stalking a leaf out of her book in this post (and previous ones, by being completely open and honest about what I’m doing and where my head is at – so you’ll have to excuse embrace the swearing.

P.S. Yep – the photos in the background are from our wedding day.

Making: Candles! Well, I will be soon. I grabbed a starter candle making kit from Candle Creations yesterday
Cooking: Lots and lots of these Caramelised Onion Tartlets because theyre easy AF to make and my recipe is delicious
Drinking: Plenty of Sprite Zero. It’s my go-to drink instead of a wine this spring
Reading: Nothing. I’m so shit. Give me some good book recommendations pls?
Wanting: Everything from this gift guide
Looking: At Karin’s recipe for Fish in Coconut Cream and wanting to make it asap
Playing: Lots of SimCity2000
Deciding: On what I want 2016 to look like.
Wishing: That I could go back in time.
Enjoying: Me time. Even though I realise that too much me time is hard.
Waiting: For this year to be over.
Liking: Madicattt’s Christmas Is Coming post series this year.
Loving: Family time and Jaxton cuddles.
Considering: Saying ‘fuck it’ and not doing Christmas this year
Watching: Lots of Switched and Birth. 
That I’ll get a job asap!
Marvelling: At my husband and everything he does for me.
Needing: Lots of hugs and cuddles.
Smelling: All sorts of room diffusers because I would love one but I can’t decide on what kind
Wearing: Pretty much Kmart everything ’cause it’s fucking great.
Following: My own lead because I can and I should.
Knowing: That my badd ass friends have my back is the best thing ever.
Thinking: About this summer and how I’m so excited for it
Admiring: My grandma’s ability to forgive and forget like it ain’t no thang.
Sorting: Out my life. One day at a time.
Buying: THIS. I wish.
Getting: Excited about seeing Bella in the new year and taking her around Auckland!
Bookmarking: This for when I get off my ass and get organised.
Disliking: Bad drivers and negativity.
Giggling: At this great list to tumblr posts that are so true
Feeling: Okay. I’m okay.
Snacking: On these because they’re actually so delicious.
Coveting: This this this this ohhh yes this.
Learning: ASL, one sign at a time. 
Hearing: The Sons of the Sea new track which I fucking ADORE.

Shoutout to Pip who has a blank one for you if you wish to do one yourself.


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  1. Job hunting? Join. the. club. time off is fun though; I’m loving it! Also, I fell in love with diet lemonade a few months ago and then I got terrible stomach pains and my doctor told me that sugar free drinks are the worst things for abdo pain and that makes me so sad because whenever I want a really cold refreshing drink I want Sprite Zero and I have to stop myself. The end.

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