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Mood Boards // Shine BRIGHT!

It’s been a wee while since I’ve done a mood board wish list. These types of posts are great for when I feel like I’ve got a pocket burning but I actually *really really* don’t – ahem, like right now.

With it being the middle of winter, everything is a bit gloomy – including myself (as I sit here in all-black-merino-and-wool typing this) – I think it’s time we all had some colour and brightness in our life! Below is a mood board full of great home wares that just yell BRIGHT that I would love to have in my lounge, bedroom or home office!

1 // Garden Life quilt cover set
This duvet cover is is one I’ve had my eye on for some time, it’s floral but not overly girly so I could get rid of the pink floral duvet set I’ve got and replace it with this one. This would brighten up the bedroom effortlessly and definitely make me want to crawl into bed. Freedom Furniture, NZ$149

2 // This colourful and super rad rug
Oh man this rug has Laura Laura written all over it. This would have a prized position in my home office – the hardest decision for me would be to use it as a rug or as an awesome wall hanging? Eeeep. Freedom, NZ$159.

3 // DIY Plant (or anything) hanger
Geometric’s are still a big trend and my eyes are loving anything slightly hexagon shaped. You actually buy this ask a DIY macramé kit from Typo and it comes in this awesome teal colour or in black. Typo, AUD$29.99

4 // Knitted footrest
This look familiar! Oh! That’s cause I have one – yep already got one of these puppies, but in a beige colour for my lounge. I really wish I’d gone with my gut when purchasing it though and grabbed a brighter colour.. perhaps I could move the one from the lounge to under my work desk and grab a bright yellow one for the lounge?  Kmart, NZ$35

5 // Copper lamp
Everyone if copper crazy at the moment – so I couldn’t not include some metallic goodness in this round up. Personally I’m not a huge fan of the copper, I prefer golden tones, but after seeing this lamp in Kmart I did start to see why people go crazy for it. When the copper is pared with wood – it’s definitely attractive! Kmart, NZ$25

6 // Mandala wall hanging
Mandalas are one of my favourite types of art. Not only are they beautiful to look at,they’re intricate, delicate and enticing. I love them. When I was last on Society6, I saw this amazing print and and instantly bookmarked it for payday. I think that It would make an amazing statement above a bed if you were sans-headboard, don’t you? Ugh, I’m in love. Society6, NZ$79

Which product is your favourite from the bunch? I think you guys can tell the Mandala wallhanging is my favourite of the bunch, but honestly I would love every single item on the list! I also discovered this cute cat iPhone cover and this cozy blanket that reminded me of corn candy that didn’t quite make it into my picture round up.
Laura x

Bright Home Wares - Mood board - Laura Laura

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3 Replies to “Mood Boards // Shine BRIGHT!

    1. I felt the same way when I DID go into one the other week. I ended up with a couple of mugs and glasses a they were on sale and I new I needed them. OH and I grabbed some place mats for blog post photography because I loved the texture and I definitely definitely needed them
      *didnt definitely

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