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Mood Boards // Wishlist for the new kitchen

We’re moving!

Oh my goodness, these last few months have been a whirlwind and a half, and I’m honestly not sure how I’m still standing – but yes, our biggest news right now is that we are moving house!  I’m nervous but completely excited. While packing and moving can be is terrible, there is definitely something exciting about starting fresh when you unpack things.

The main thing I’m looking forward to is having a proper kitchen! If you follow me on twitter you will have seen me complain, multiple times, about our current kitchen and how crappy it is. It’s just too small, hasn’t got enough bench space and has one power point. ONE. Guys, try using your kitchen with one power point. Argh.

Anyway, I thought I would channel my excitement into a post, and do a bit of a wish list/mood board of goodies I would love to fill my new kitchen with! 

New Kitchen Essentials

New Kitchen Wishlist

1 // This Joseph Joseph Nest Utensils Set would be a great way to add a pop of colour – I love Joseph Joseph products and have some of their spatulas and bowls already so I definitely think this Joseph Joseph Nest set would be a perfect fit!

2 // Wall Clocks are really not my thing – they make noise and you hear it when you really don’t want to! Having a surf through Society 6 always get me wanting all the things though, and this illustration – to me – really suits a clock and I actually wouldn’t mind one.

3 //  Some great cookbooks – When I’m thinking new kitchen essentials I can’t go past a new cookbook – you need something new to christen the kitchen, am I right? My picks at the moment are Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food and Digby Law’s Soup Cookbook – we are heading into winter in NZ people.

4 // Okay – I guess it’s time I confessed something. I love me some Jamie Oliver – not only are his recipes always easy to follow and full of flavour, but he’s also got a good brand going for him. He’s an all round good guy with charities, protégés and restaurants coming out of his ears. But what I’m really loving at the moment are his ceramics.

5 // While I love me some Jamie Oliver, I also love me some Kmart.  They constantly have a great range of homewares, clothes and makeup.  I’ve seen this Kitchen Trolley on the Kmart Australian website for quite some time and I’m hoping it makes it’s way over to NZ asap because I NEED. It’d make the perfect cocktail stand / bar cart.

6 // You can’t go past a good Terrarium, and in the kitchen just makes sense to me. Especially with some pretty vases. There are plenty of places around NZ that sell them, if you area local to Auckland like me, then you should check out House of Botica and Boattic. These guys have a great range of terrariums that are so so gorgeous, or if you are keen enough, you could try and create your own terrarium.

Do you have any recommendations for things I should grab for my new kitchen?
What is your favourite kitchen tool / appliance?

Laura x

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11 Replies to “Mood Boards // Wishlist for the new kitchen

  1. Exciting! It will be soo much fun to decorate the new place! Do you have any pics of the new kitchen you can share?

  2. Ohhh nice choices!! I need that kitchen trolley!! I have that Jamie cookbook, it’s soo good! I would also recommend the Save with Jamie cookbook, so good! Also, a hand stick blender (if you don’t already have one), wire baskets for organising the pantry (I got a bunch of stackable ones from Bunnings) and a decent spice rack!

  3. Exciting! I remember when we moved I was the most excited about getting a kitchen with a pantry. Moving can be so draining but decorating rooms is definitely fun. Hope the move goes well 🙂

  4. ONE power point?! Good lord! Although the packing process is a nightmare, moving is actually so much fun once it’s happened, and you’re right, picking gorgeous new things is definitely one of the best parts! I *love* those terrariums, and my favourite kitchen appliance is, without a doubt, the slow cooker. I don’t know why I hadn’t heard of them before, but I use mine practically every day now and I’m in LOVE!

  5. OMG I so want that kitchen trolley!! When I saw it I imagined it would be an expensive brand. Kmart seems to be super amazing at the moment. Hopefully it makes it to NZ shores soon 🙂 One of my favourite kitchen accessories is a Joseph Joseph chopping board set – looks pretty, practical and doesn’t take up much room. PS one power point sounds like a nightmare!

  6. I’m still waiting to get the kitchen of my dreams – I have the plans but…

    The smallest kitchen I lived with had a single hob, no oven, a campervan-sized sink and an awning over the top of it on which I had my mattress. Luxury.

    Nice wishlist – I always love that part of the process – imagining how it’ll all look when it’s finished. Glad to see you’re having fun!

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