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Moodboard // Spring Fashion Wishlist

Spring is here! I’m pretty freaking excited that summer is on it’s way.  Today I’m sharing a mood board, and wish list, of summery clothes and accessories I really want to get my hands on before summer kicks in.

Spring Mood Board - Fashion. Laura Laura

// Ladies Necklace, from Kmart $8.00
Statement necklaces are favourite of mine, I just wish I had more of them! This cute necklace from Kmart has heaps of texture so it would go well with virtually any outfit, spring, summer, autumn or winter.

// Floppy Felt Hat, from Kmart $18.00
Big hats remind me of summer! I’m always tempted to buy hats for summer, but I never follow through – I think this year might be the year as these floppy felt hats from Kmart come in black and tan, and I’m desperate to get my hands on one! I would definitely opt for a tan over black, because that sun it HOT and I don’t need a hotter head than I already have 😉

// Alexia LS Lace Yoke Top, from Kmart $12.00
This top caught my eye the moment I saw it. It’s got cute detailing around the neck and looks like it would be light and flowy throughout spring and summer. Paired with some patterned pants like I’ve got above, or some jean shorts, I reckon it’d look great on me!

// 3/4 Drapey Pant, from Cotton On $20.00
I reckon Cotton On have really upped their fashion game this year. I recently went into their flagship store in Auckland and was impressed by how many styles and sizes they had, obviously I bought a few things, but I didn’t see these pants then. These look super light and really cute, hopefully they have my size next time I’m in there!

// Girl Express Sandals, from Kmart $12.00
These look so so comfy and like the perfect sandal. Perfect to me = beachy, comfy, easy to put on, not crazy strappy lines that tan horribly and big enough for my wide feet. These are on my get asap list. I need these.

// Hot Summer Days Maxi Dress, from City Chic $149.99
Maxi dresses are my favourite thing about summer! They are forgiving, easy to chuck on quickly leaving you looking amazing, perfect to dress up or down, and when you find the right style for your body are super duper flattering. City Chic always have amazing dresses and this maxi dress would make the perfect addition to my spring maxi dress collection!

// Arrow Tassel Necklace, $39.99 and V Fringe Bag, from Ezibuy $49.99
This tassel necklace and fringe bag are really cute. Tassles are totally my thing, I just can’t bring myself to wear clothes with them on – I feel like they jsut don’t suit me. doesn’t mean I can’t accessories with them though! 

// Gold Cosmos Ring, from Kagi $139.99
I think I’ve realised that I like to hoard jewellery. Whoops! This ring from Kagi is pretty and I’d love to add it to my collection.  They also have some rings and necklaces that have changeable stones so you can fit them to any outfit, awesomeeeee. 

What is on your fashion spring/summer wish lists? Do you like any of the above items?
xx Laura

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