Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer New Zealand Launch in New Zealand with Monaco Nails

Morgan Taylor launch in New Zealand!

Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer New Zealand Launch

I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer launch this week! I took contributor Katie with me to check out this world famous nail polish brand that i’d heard so much about. Katie and I had SUCH a great time, it was held at The Devereux boutique hotel.

Unbeknownst to me, Katie had never had a manicure before. After spending time deliberating which colour to get manicured with, she decided on a stunning pale blue called Water Baby. She loved the experience, the atmosphere and the amazing job that was done. She can’t stop looking at her nails!

I had shellac on my nails from getting a manicure last week, so instead of a full manicure I got a gold sparkle top coat – which made my deep red nails very regal looking!

Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer New Zealand Launch  in New Zealand with Monaco Nails

It was great to see lots of other bloggers including This is Meagan Kerr – Meagan is the NZ Ambassador for Morgan Taylor.

To get your hands on the amazing nail lacquer that is Morgan Taylor, you can visit Penny and the girls at Monaco Nails and Beauty in Ellerslie. Thanks to all of the girls from Monaco especially Jasmine for her perfect manicures and nail care tips xx

2 Replies to “Morgan Taylor launch in New Zealand!

  1. Great post 🙂 Was a great time – love the pix! 🙂 That gold definitely looked amazing on your nails and Katie was completely on trend with choosing amazing nail colours 🙂 XO

    1. Thanks Kershia! It was so lovely to meet you and put a face to your blog! <3
      Can't wait to work together in the future xx
      My fvourite part about the picture above is seeing everyones different rings!

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