Ibiza Movie Review, Image courtesy of IMDB

Movie review: Ibiza

Imagine this setting: It’s a Friday at the beginning of winter. Candles are lit, heater is on, your bath has been drawn and you’ve turned off the bathroom light.

Grabbing my phone (safely of course) I opened Netflix to try and find something to watch while I enjoy some self care and me time.

Earlier in the day I explained to the girls at work that I was looking forward to some alone time and to celebrate / help me relax into the weekend I might have a bath. One of the girls said to pop on a girly movie and enjoy. So, with that in mind I flicked through some of the recommended movies and came across Ibiza. While a little hesitant from the description I put it on and got to relaxing.

Ibiza Movie Review, Image courtesy of IMDB

The first 15 minutes has me hooked and I was so excited to see where it would go.

The premise of the movie is a work trip turned girls weekend to Spain with lots of twists and turns, and of course a boy meets girl love story.

This characters and storyline had me cracking up and smiling the whole time – no shit. Multiple times throughout the movie I caught myself with a big grin on my face. I think it was because the characters were so relatable and it reminded me of when I was younger, out with the girls having a great time dancing and meeting guys.

How Harper, (Gillian Jacobs; Love, Community), and Leo, (Richard Madden; Game of Thrones, Cinderella) portrayed the awkward, cute, butterflies in your stomach, but also cringey, talking too much part of the beginning of a relationship was something really special and made me fall in love with them. So cute!

Without trying to sound like a cliche, this is a super feel good and lovely movie. Only critiscisms I can give it is 1) it definitely doesn’t show you much of Ibiza or Spain for that matter which is a bit of a shame, and 2) Harper was super focused on finding her man and ignoring what a great time she was having just a weeeeee bit too much.

Let’s just end this review on a high note: Richard as Leo is a HELL of a stud of a guy, and that ACCENT. Uhhhh so sexy and dreamy. Bonus: The soundtrack is killer.


Funny and super relatable! If you’re a a girl who loves dry humour, cute guys, watching others take risks and want a few laughs – you’ll really enjoy this movie! This would be a great movie to watch with your girlfriends. Also: Yaaaaaas.

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