Nahaia Beauty Product Review

Beauty Product Review: Nahaia Skincare Range

Nahaia Beauty Product Review

Using the Nahaia range was a dream! I’ve always been on the look out for a quick but nurturing routine for skincare. I pride myself on having beautiful skin (and thank my mother’s english blood for it daily!) so looking after it is a necessity if I want to look as good as my mother does in her sixties.

Nahaia’s three step routine, which I followed religiously to really test out the products – worked wonderfully!  Exfoliate, Hydrate, and Minimise.

My favorite of the Nahaia range that I tried was the Radiant-Light Hydrating Serum. Instantly it made my skin glow, all the while increasing my skins immunity with it’s active ingredients.

What I did:

  • Used 2-3 pumps all over the face and neck.
  • Use on clean skin, under NAHAIA moisturiser.
  • Re-applied anytime during the day that I felt my skin needed a boost.

Another amazing product was the See-Me-Cleanse Face Mask. I’m sitting here writing this review while the See-Me-Cleanse Face Mask does it’s work. This is the third time I’ve put the face mask on since I recieved it to review – I’m addicted!

As I’m typing I can feel my skin being refreshed and tightened while absorbing the active ingredients in the mask. A great tip is to follow the face mask with the Hydrating Serum and Botrox-Me moisturser, for a completely spa-like feel – You’ll be glowing! Click here to look at the range of products she has!

If you are trying to keep your skin beautiful, or pay attention to problem areas, I would definitely recommend contacting Dr. Nahaia about her range.  All of her products left my skin feeling soft and hydrated, and looking a little more radiant.

Another plus to using Nahaia is that their products are Vegan, and animal free!

Visit the Nahaia Active Organics website to view the range or contact Dr Nahaia.

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