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#nzbloggers Chat! Q&A Session

#nzbloggers nzbloggers
Last night I hosted my first #nzbloggers chat on twitter – the chat is usually hosted by blogger Rachel, where she asks a series of questions and New Zealand bloggers get the chance to answer, debate and chat together for an hour.

This week Rachel and I changed it up a bit and asked bloggers to come at me with their web development and design questions. I really enjoyed answering and helping the bloggers out, and here is a recap along with some more explained answers – as 140 characters just isn’t enough sometimes – along with some resources from the chat last night!

I’ve included some questions above and below the fold, so read more if you want to see the whole chat – as I answered quite a few xx

Definitely think about getting your logo professionally done if you are thinking about making your blog more serious. A logo designed by a graphic designer makes you look professional, and it’s also really fun coming up with ideas and working with the designer to create something that is uniquely you.

There are so so SO many ways to do this. Here are some off the top of my head to help increase your blogs traffic; Comment constructive feedback on other peoples blogs, host a giveaway (have any samples left over from something?), Use bloglovin’, Ask someone to write a guest post for your blog, Ask to write a guest post on someone elses blog, Host a link party…

Lisa also has been experimenting with blog traffic, so check out her blog here.

There are no rights and wrongs. Planning and preparation is going to go a long way. When you go to other peoples blogs think about what you like seeing and what stands out for you. Take note of what you like on other bloggers sites,and more importantly what you don’t like and go from there!

I definitely think this is personal, and also dependant on your blogs layout. I prefer not to use them, as when I’m browsing other blogs I just like to scroll and take everything in. But sometimes – like this post – there is too much information to put in one post and having a crazy long post full of text is definitely not a good idea.

Continue on for more #nzbloggers chat goodness!

Moving platforms can definitely be daunting! If your platform has a export or back up facility, it’s likely going to be easier to move your blog around with too many crazy things happening to your blog posts. If you know which platform you are moving to and from, try googling for tips! It’s VERY likely you are not the only person to do it, and if you are lucky someone might’ve documented their steps to help you out.

I actually don’t have a huge amount of experience with blogger, so this question was a toughy. I recommended that Rachel creates a new category called ‘Featured’ or similar in her blog and assign some blog posts to it, then display that category only on the side bar 🙂

To clarify, Media Links = social media links like Facebook and Twitter.
This question is probably really popular for wordpress.com users. If you are wanting to pop links to your facebook and twtter accounts on your sidebar, i’ve got the links here; Facebook and Twitter.

If you are adventurous with WordPress, like Lisa, then setting up a test site is a really good idea. It means you can go to town / break stuff and fix it up etc without having to worry about people seeing it on the www.

I gave Lisa this resource for setting up WordPress locally on your computer.

This is so great – I can’t agree with Scott more. You are a brand when you blog. It’s so important to realise this and conduct and present accordingly. Be yourself, be happy, be welcoming. I feel its really important that when people read my blog they feel like they’re talking to me!

Where to start? Try creating consistency with your blog posts – writing style, and imagery is a great place to start.

Again, have a look at your favourite blogs or popular blogs and see what they’ve got. There is nothing that “should” be on there, but be aware of things that you expect to find there. For instance, a photo of the blogger and a little about blurb is usually on the sidebar. I would also expect to see things like a mailing list sign up, social media icons, links to popular posts, links for similar blogs, advertising etc.

Blog for YOU. Have a goal and try to stick to it, but don’t punish yourself if you don’t get to it. You have a life, and so do your readers. My goal is 2-3 posts a week, but I’ve had weeks where I’ve only posted once – and that’s totally okay!
What is your goal? Is it realistically achievable?

After posting this, Megan pointed out that I spelt them differently! Sorry guys – you should use the american spelling – center.

XOMisse is one of those amazing bloggers who has done the hard yards of finding out how to do things for herself, and then kept tabs on how to do it just so she can help other people. Amazing. Check her out if you are after help for your blog, she is an amazing resource.

I also set a challenge for the bloggers, if they were up to it, to leave at least two constructive or helpful comments on another new zealand bloggers blog – I think that the blogging community in New Zealand is amazing and supportive, but we don’t comment on other peoples blogs often enough. Just think about how awesome you feel when you receive a comment – why not make someones day by doing it to them? xx

Hope this chat was informative. It was so much fun. If you leave a link to your blog below, I’m more than happy to give you a few design tips!

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16 Replies to “#nzbloggers Chat! Q&A Session

      1. I’ve bulk added them to my recipe posts and updated a couple of my most popular posts but will have to leave the rest for another time (stupid work getting in the way of blogging!) I think I managed to get analytics on my blog last night as well – finally!

  1. The chat last night was so good! First time that I didn’t actually miss it (thanks to Sam for reminding me!) and honestly learnt so much! Thank you! <3

      1. You’re seriously a WordPress/Web Design Goddess – is there anything you don’t know?! Answer: No, because you’re amazing. 😛

        I of course had to nominate you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” over on the blog. It’s just a fun way to share the love amongst my favourite bloggers! oxo

  2. Like Christel that was the first time I’d been on the chat and was really glad I’d remembered. I’m looking forward to checking the other format out as well but the last sesh was really informative.

  3. I really loved your chat, Laura! It was so casual and comfortable that people could ask anything which was great! Sometimes people feel that their questions are silly or very basic but you did a wonderful job of putting people at ease and answering questions thoroughly in simple terms that everyone could understand.
    You’re a star!

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