What Social Media do you use?

What Social Media do you use?

What Social Media do you use?

After the #NZBloggers chat this weekend, I’ve discovered that other bloggers use different means to promoting their blogs than I do, and I wanted to reach out to my readers and other bloggers to find out what they use and love.

So, I thought I’d share with you my hierarchy of social media use* for my blog, because as a blogger from New Zealand, you really need to rely on social media to get known.

  1. Twitter
  2. Instagram
  3. Facebook
  4. Pinterest
  5. Google+

Does my hierarchy surprise you?

One of the social medias which was mentioned a few times was StumbleUpon which, I will admit, I got into a few years back, great for when I was bored at night not doing a lot, pressing that random button brought up some great things. I honestly thought that it wasn’t around anymore, until the other night. I’ve been investigating it and will take it into consideration for some blog posts I do especially DIYs.

Here are some other social medias I really want to get into using, or investigate using to help promote my content and blog so that more people can see it – and of course experience me!

  • YouTube
  • StumbleUpon
  • Tumblr
  • Bloglovin’
  • Can’t think of any more…

I’d be really interested to find out from readers and bloggers: What Social Medias do you use?

If you are a New Zealand blogger, make sure you join in on the #NZBloggers chat, it’s Sundays at 8pm-9pm – just remember to use that hashtag!  

6 Replies to “What Social Media do you use?

  1. i mainly use facebook and instagram, though my ig posts straight to tublr and twitter for me – i never read those. i use pinterest sometimes for looking for inspiration, and i follow other blogs on bloglovin

    1. Thats pretty good coverage – do you ever look up how tumblr helps your blog? I’d be interested in finding out if its worth it . For you though, with the nature of your posts being very image heavy I can imagine its great!

  2. I really loved this conversation on #NZbloggers because I think it’s really helpful for bloggers to see what others are doing and what works. I know I suggested StumbleUpon because it works for me, but it may not work for someone else but they’ll never know until they try!
    This is my new favourite Twitter chat!

  3. I don’t use Instagram since their feed won’t show in Twitter. I also don’t use Tumblr as too many people have it blocked for iffy content… and I don’t want to be branded by that.

  4. I am not from N.Z. but a Canadian in England but my favourite writer is from New Zealand – Katherine Mansfield … anyway the social media I use is MirC … Dalnet ,,, hundreds of channels, lots of people to speak with … have made real friends in my 10 plus years chatting there. Anne

    1. Thanks for commenting Anne!
      Katherine Mansfield is such a great author – I have to agree!
      I actually haven’t heard of these social medias that you use, I’m going to investigate them! I love how using social media can great long term friends 🙂

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