Travel // Tips to remember when you’re planning to travel!

I’m a big believer in the power of holidays and rest. Don’t let the organising or the money get you down. Inspired by Sovereign’s new mantra of #lifetakecharge here are some practical tips for you to get prepared for your ultimate holiday!

This is the time of the year when we all really start to burn out. There’s a huge (like massive. Four – five months massive!) gap between public holidays. This is also the time of year when I get really excited planning things, and with the hints of summer that we get through spring I can’t stop thinking about going on holiday.

Your ultimate list of travel tips for going on holiday.. so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

// Get travel insurance

Get this. The last thing you want is your luggage to go missing or you get injured overseas and have to rely on someone back home to help. When travelling around Europe last year, and travelling to Fiji for our Honeymoon we got travel insurance that covered our health, bags and also our plane tickets – which was lucky because in Fiji our flight had to be rescheduled which otherwise would’ve cause some grief!

Tip: Shop around and search for a travel insurance policy that suits you. You might even find cheaper deals online. Make sure you select the right dates you’re travelling and part of the world you are travelling to so you don’t get caught out if anything happens. 

Tips for Travelling!Road trip to Cape Reinga, Northland

// Time of travel

When you’ve figured out where you want to go, it’s time to figure out what time of year.  If you’re travelling to Queenstown or to Quebec – you’ll want to think about what time of year suits you in that particular place. eg. Do you want to visit in the winter or summer?

Tip: I find that reading hotel reviews, or asking friends who have recently travelled, are the best ways to find out when the best time to travel to certain places are.  Expedia and Trip Advisor are wonderful for honest and up to date reviews – and once you’ve travelled somewhere, why not help other people out by leaving your review? Did you know that April is great for visiting Japan because of the cherry blossoms? End of summer for Eastern Europe is the best, as there aren’t as many tourists, but it’s still nice and warm.

Tips for Travelling!Holidaying in Fiji! Take me back pleeeease! x

// Where you’ll visit

This is the fun part. Get a piece of paper go for gold.  Write down where you want to visit. Remember to think about Museums, Art Galleries, Parks, Historic Landmarks, Mountains, Ski Fields, Cat Cafes etc. Make sure you see what you really want to see.

Tip: If you want to be more organised with your travel you can actually buy (or make your own) Travel Kits. This one from Laura Drayton is super adorable!

Take a Holiday to create Happiness with Sovereign! #lifetakecharge Girls weekend in Melbourne with Katiebell!

// How you’ll get there and around

Obviously there is more way than one to travel. You could drive, fly, cruise or sail there yourself. Once you have that organised you also have to think about how you’ll get around your destination. Will you be catching taxis? Trains? Walking? It might be worth getting a day bus pass, or what happens if you can’t pay cash on the cities public transport system. This tip always makes me rethink what I take in my bags.

Tip: When travelling to Melbourne (and no doubt other cities) you have to use a certain card, similar to Snapper or AT Hop, to get around. In NZ we can use cash to pay for public transport but in Melbourne you can’t – and if you don’t have one of their cards you could get fined up to $10,000! Eep.

Take a Holiday to create Happiness! #lifetakechargeLeft: Venice last year. Right: BDO!

// Where you’ll stay

Shop around on this one! There are so many “cheap-stays” sites around now. Places like Wotif and TriVaGo all display different prices and have different booking fees so definitely do your research. Always remember to check the hotels actual website too – as sometimes they have specials.

Tip: I recently went away with family to Wellington, and it was only a 3-4 night stay and found that renting an apartment was about 500% (not really but still..) cheaper than booking a hotel, we looked around and ended up using AirBnb and loved it! There was also a cat in the place we stayed – yay!

Take a Holiday to create Happiness with Sovereign! #lifetakechargeLeft: Walking on Piha Beach. Right: Driving in Cornwall

// What you’ll wear

This goes back to the time of year point above, along with what you are wanting to see. Make sure you pack appropriately, otherwise you’ll end up skiing down Mt Ruapehu in your bikini – and no one wants that!

Tip: My best purchase for travelling overseas was a really good pair of walking shoes. You don’t realise the amount of meandering you’ll do – invest in some great walking shoes even if they don’t look that pretty – honestly!

Travel Tips from aLaura Laura Left: Bridal Veil Falls. Right: Eating Gyros in Athens.

// What you will eat/drink

There are so many different types of food out there, and while you might be thinking foreign foods, I’m talking local foods too. Travelling to a different part of your country and trying some of their local delicacies will be an eye opener. Think about where you are travelling and what might be on offer, and think about those notorious sicknesses that come with certain travels. Of course if you are travelling overseas, be sure to be careful, you don’t want to get sick! Dengue Fever anyone?

Tip: Do not drink tap water overseas, especially in places like Europe and Asia – it’s safer and cleaner to buy bottled water.

// Last note!

I hope these tips have been super helpful and you can use then as a checklist when you are travelling next. One of the most important things I can tell you about travelling is get prepared and be prepared. Then you can really relax and start enjoying yourself!

What’s your best travel tip? 

#lifetakecharge #officialblogger Credit: All photos are taken my me. Please do not reuse without asking!

5 Replies to “Travel // Tips to remember when you’re planning to travel!

  1. Loved this post Laura!

    My go to travel advice is specific to back packing & accommodation. If you’re not traveling to cities on fixed dates, don’t book hostels more than a day or two in advance, they’ll often have awesome deals close to your desired stay date so they can pack the rooms! Also if you want to have fun at your hostel, use independent hostels – I found there was far less going on in the franchises I stayed at.

    1. Thanks Ben! Your tips are awesome also – thanks so much for sharing.
      I always thought that one day I would just up and leave and travel with no dates or real plans made, but I haven’t managed to do it yet – and maybe one day I will still! Where has been your favourite place to travel too?

  2. Love this post Laura! I’m heading to Melbourne for two weeks at the end of the year so I’ll definitely be looking into getting one of those cards to get myself around.. had no idea they didn’t accept cash on their public transport system!

    1. Thanks so much Georgina! Travelling can definitely be done wrong – and I’m not about to let any of my blogger friends do it wrong 😛
      I absolutely loved Melbourne when we went (photos above) It was for an event, and we went for two nights. Not enough time! I want to go back and enjoy the food and the culture more! I could definitely see myself living there :O

  3. Great post, Laura!!!

    I agree with Ben, with the exception of weekends. Book them in advance. After running a hostel, I can safely tell you that when we’re down to the last few beds the price is gonna go up, up, up 😉

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