VNO Wines - Wine review auckland, Laura Laura

// VNO Wines

VNO Wines - Wine review auckland, Laura Laura

Last month I got a cool deliver – double cool because it was in a chiller box. Four beautiful wines from new brand VNO Wines arrived on the doorstep, chilled and ready. Who doesn’t love a delivery of wine, amiright?

VNO Wines have been around since 2011, and are a new brand from Constellation NZ who have a raft of wines under their belt like Kim Crawford, Monkey Bay and Selaks to name a few. They are also the first ever wines to let you know when it’s at it’s best. The wine label turns blue when it hits the ideal temperature – telling you it’s chilled and ready to enjoy. 

VNO Wines - Wine review auckland, Laura Laura

// Skinny Rose
I love a good Rose. It’s usually my go-to wine of choice if I’m out for dinner other than bubbles – because I’m fancy. haha.  The VNO Rose is a sweet smelling and easy to drink wine.  Compared to most Rose’s I would say it’s sweet, rich and has a nice tang too – which I love in a wine. Definitely will be repurchasing this one.

VNO Wines - Wine review auckland, Laura Laura

// Skinny Sav Blanc
This bottle I shared with my sister – We both love a good Sav so I took it round one night to her place and we enjoyed it with dinner.  This was a really nice bottle, and my sister who is quite judgemental of low calorie or alcohol wines, said that she really enjoyed after expecting there not to be much taste or ‘kick’ with this range being low calorie. Very impressed!

VNO Wines - Wine review auckland, Laura Laura

// Chard
Chardonnay is usually my least favourite white wine. It’s got a distinct taste that doesn’t really get along with me.  Unfortunately this was the case with this one – so in saying that I can’t really give it a fair review as I didn’t enjoy it. From their website: Mid straw in colour, this wine has an enticing stonefruit nose with notes of white peach, apricot with a smoky oak undertone. The palate is elegant with integrated flavours of peach, honey and spice. The finish is long and lingering.

VNO Wines - Wine review auckland, Laura Laura

// Pinot Gris
Pinot Gris is usually my white wine of choice, especially leading into summer. This Pinot Gris was lovely and full of flavour had has a nice crisp finish which I like in a PG. Overall a really nice wine, would definitely repurchase.

I really enjoyed these wines! They’re a solid choice and have a large range to suit everybody: skinny sav blanc, skinny pinot gris, skinny rosé, sav blanc, pinot gris, chard, pinot noir, shiraz, merlot, cab merlot.

Have you tried VNO wines before? What is your white or red of choice?
xx Laura

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