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Heading along to a movie premiere is pretty special – but when you get treated to Gold Class and croissants it just makes it that much sweeter!

Myself and a few bloggers headed along to a special screening of Aloha, which is out this week, June 4th, in New Zealand.

Aloha Movie - Fox Movies NZ

Aloha is a really attractive looking movie! Emma Stone, Bradley Cooper, Bill Murray and Rachel McAdams to start, set in Hawaii and an obvious love triangle to set the scene.

The story is about Brian (Bradley Cooper) who has “sold his soul” to a dodgy military contractor (Bill Murray) and is heading back to Hawaii to complete a job. Upon arriving he’s confronted with seeing his ex-girlfriend Tracy (Rachel McAdams) and everything that comes with that – including two kids and a husband. He gets assigned an over enthusiastic guard Allison (Emma Stone) to make sure he doesn’t do anything he shouldn’t.

Like I said, it’s an attractive looking movie.  It was definitely enjoyable – only after the first half when I finally realised what was happening and could finally go “ahhh ok”. Once I was up with the play, and didn’t feel so lost, I enjoyed it a lot more. I loved Allison and related all to well to Tracy. Why? You ask – I saw a lot of myself in both Allison and Tracy, in the things they said and the things in the past they’ve done (can’t give away too much!). The soundtrack really added to the film as well with some great tracks slotted in at the perfect times!

The film is directed and written by Academy Award winner Cameron Crowe.  I’ve seen a few of Crowe’s previous films, so was expecting a story with some failures in it. That part didn’t disappoint, but I think the rest of the story was a little lacking.  One thing I did wish there was a bit more of: Hawaii and it’s people. Yes, there are Hawaiians in this movie, but none are big parts and the movie didn’t showcase Hawaii as much as I thought it would or could. It did however include a few history lessons about the Hawaiian myths and even went into explaining ‘Mana’ which is a very familiar word here in New Zealand.  Alec Baldwin makes a few appearances, he was funny, had some great lines and made the most of the scenes he was in.

To finish: I do want to say that if you’re after a Rom-Com that’s a little bit different and a storyline that is mysterious, bumpy and surprising then you’ll definitely enjoy Aloha! 

My take away’s are:

  • Emma Stone is fabulous.
  • John Krasinski is HAWT and BUFF.
  • Krasinski and Coopers no-talk-only-body-language scene is SO great.
  • Bradley Cooper’s eyes are dreamy, especially when he does that puppy dog face – no matter how much I try to deny it.
  • I still don’t really like Bill Murray (sorry).
  • A good rom-com, but not much more and not re-watchable.

Are you a Rom-Com fan? What is your favourite type of movie?

This is my first public movie review, and would love some feedback on your thoughts of it!
Laura x

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  1. Enjoyed your review, although this doesn’t really seem like the kinda movie I would love – it still seems like a pretty good movie! I love my comedies (Anchorman, Step Brothers, Mean Girls & The Longest Yard are probably my favourites), but I think I’m definitely more of an action movie fan. The Expendables, Red, John Wick, The Avengers & San Andreas are some faves!

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