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Watch // Guilty Pleasure TV Shows

After a #brunchclub planning session, Lizzy from MyFoxyCorner and Hannah from A Lovely Look and I were all chatting about TV shows and sharing our favourites as recommendations. We got to talking about our favourite guilty pleasure shows and decided that we’d collab on a series of posts between the three of us, talking about our favourite shows we enjoy watching.  Today i’m sharing with you some of my favourite TV shows that I call ‘guilty pleasures’ because, well, they’re just that. I absolutely love watching them and have no quaims about what anyone else thinks.

Nashville - Guilty Pleasure TV Shows - Laura Laura

// Nashville
I’m a sucker for music related TV shows. Sam recommended I watch Nashville a few years ago and after about 30minutes of the first episode I was hooked. The actors (and their singing) are great, the storyline is so well thought out, there is drama up to your ears from every character – it’s great. I’m currently not up to date with the most recent season, but I’m looking forward to binge watching it asap.

Castle - Guilty Pleasure TV Shows - Laura Laura

// Castle
This is another show i’m not up to date with but is one I constantly keep in reserve for when I get up to date with my other shows. I’m a huge Nathan Fillion fan (if you haven’t seen Firefly or Dr. Horrible you need to stop reading this and go watch them now), so naturally love this show. His humour shines in this show and while the method of each episode is the same, there is enough development of the over arching storyline every episode to keep you intrigued. 

Pretty Little Liars - Guilty Pleasure TV Shows - Laura Laura

// PLL
Pretty Little Liars is a TV show that has had it’s ups and downs with me. Forever, I loved it and needed to watch it as soon as it was out in the USA. Around season four or five, I started to hate it. One of the actresses in it really got on my nerves and I started to get so pissed off that I’d stop it mid-episode and do something else.  This year, with a little more free time on my hands, I decided to pick up where I left off and give it another go. While the actress is still super annoying, I’m back into it and actually really love it. There’s just so much drama, and romances, and beautiful people.

Switched at Birth - Guilty Pleasure TV Shows - Laura Laura

// Switched at Birth
This show I’ve only recently started watching, but I’ve already nearly finished the first season. I got on to it by seeing a snippet of it on TV one Sunday afternoon and realised that one of the main characters was Luke’s daughter in Gilmore Girls so thought I would give it a try.  While her character is completely different in this show, I love her in it still and really love the premise and awareness the show brings around the deaf community.  All of the characters in the show that play deaf characters are actualyl deaf or hard of hearing themselves, which is awesome. It’s a great feel good show.

Outlander - Guilty Pleasure TV Shows - Laura Laura

// Outlander
Writing this post reminded me of this show – i’ll be honest, I’ve not finished it yet, and now I’m so excited that the long weekend is here and I can watch the end of the series (or maybe the whole series)! I loved this show from the first episode, it’s got the perfect amount of mystery, suspense, sexiness and lets not forget a drop dead gorgeous ginger haired man as the lead male character. Mmmmmmhmmmm.

Young and Hungry - Guilty Pleasure TV Shows - Laura Laura

// Young & Hungry
I looooooooove this show. Last weekend I finished season two, and I’m so happy that it’s been renewed for a third.  Gabi and Josh are the typical will they/wont they couple, and I really really wish they would.  My favourite character in the series has got to be Yalonda though – oh my damn she’s sassy and great.  

Obviously this guilty pleasure TV show list could go on forever, but i’ll cap it at these. I’d LOVE to know some of your favourite guilty pleasure TV shows – share them with me?
xx Laura

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4 Replies to “Watch // Guilty Pleasure TV Shows

  1. What a great post! I LOVE Castle and also the Mentalist (sad it’s finished). My partner says it’s basically the same show haha. I also really like Come Dine with me and have been known to watch a whole omnibus on a Saturday morning.

  2. I am a sucker for any trashy reality TV (although I can’t cross over to the REALLY trashy side – just the borderline stuff…) so for me my guilty pleasures are anything involving a Bachelor/-ette – I also love Real Housewives of Melbourne and Teen Mom. I know, so bad.

  3. You’ve totally reminded me about Young and Hungry! I used to watch it when it first started and for some reason stopped after a few episodes even though I loved it, totally going to watch the rest now! I’m also a sucker for Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Project Runway, judge me all you like for the first one haha.

  4. OKAY I love that we have very simular taste of TV shows – Pretty little lairs is one of my top guilty pleasures! hahah and Castle is another but I’m not up to date either!

    I’m also a sucker for; Scandal, Blacklist, Arrow, and everything and anything in between, I have also been know to binge watch MKR and Big Brother … shhhhh

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