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Laura talking about movies. What is this? I’m one of the hardest people I know to track down and make go see a movie (unless its something fantasy and girly). Don’t even try and get me to watch a movie at home, no way. 

I don’t know what it is, and for many years I’ve been trying to get out of that funk, and watch more movies, be more ‘cultured’ etc etc. I dated a guy who’s passion was movies and for that time I fell in love with them, we would watch all sorts, all the time. Documentaries, feature films, pop culture classics and scary ones. In the past I’ve been given to much shit about not seeing certain movies *cough* Mean Girls *cough* and I think by writing this post today I’m trying to hold myself accountable and get back on the movie train, and maybe, possibly, probably not move away from bad TV shows.

Laura Laura’s guide to movies 2015

I am a little bit late to the party, it’s March, I know… better late than never!

Movies 2015 Laura LauraJupiter Ascending
I had seen posters for this movie for a while and I finally got round to watching the trailer for it. I really really am keen to see this movie. I’m definitely a sucker for fantasy and sci fi. While I’m not a huge fan of the actors in the movie, the trailer sold me on it and I’m hoping to see it in the next week or so.

The Duff - Movies 2015 Laura Laura

The Duff
I’m a huge fan of actress Mae Whitman after seeing her in Parenthood, so this movie had been on my radar for some time. It looks like a funny girly movie – and you know what? Sometimes you just need a funny girly movie.

Jurassic World Laura Laura

Jurassic World
I can’t not mention this, am I right? The trailer for this movie got me all types of excited, but also a little scared that I’d basically seen the cut down version of the movie – don’t you hate it when they give so much away? It looks like it’s going to be a good ride regardless and the graphics are bound to be epic.

Pitch Perfect 2 Laura Laura Movies for 2015

Pitch Perfect 2

I cannot wait for the sequel to Pitch Perfect!

I really don’t think this needs much more explanation.

Star Wars 2015 Movies

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
Long time fan of Star Wars here so I hope this lives up to the hype that it’s going to get. I’ve seen a very short trailer so far for it – and I’m going to try and keep it to that. The fact that it’s set thirty years after the last episode is definitely exciting and has plenty of room for surprises.

Movies for 2015 Laura Laura

I stumbled across this documentary one night when trawling through IMDB – it can be a fun time digging and sometimes can result in gold. The summary of Dreamcatcher sung out to me and I’m looking forward to watching it as I’m sure it’s going to be an emotional one, those ones are the best.

Other notable mentions of movies I’m looking forward to seeing come out / have come out in 2015; Goosebumps, Entourage, Last Days in the Desert, Jem and the Holograms, Let’s Dance: Bowie Down Under and Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck.

What movies or documentaries are you most looking forward to this year? What are some MUST SEE movies in your opinion?

Laura x
FYI – Yes, I have seen Mean Girls now!

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