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Whats in My Bag? Cass from Cassandra Myee

In my eyes, Cassandra needs no introduction – she is an amazing New Zealand beauty blogger and I am a long time fan of Cass and her blog aptly named CassandraMyee. She covers everything from beauty to lifestyle to fashion. I love her blog, and you will too x

Beauty Blogger Cassandra Myee Blog

I either have one of two bags with me; my heavy university bag, where I lug around books, notepads, a laptop, an iPad and all of that essential stuff, or this one right here – my every day, shopping, lunching, errand running bag that holds everything I might need for a day out and about.

The bag itself I picked up from Dotti a couple of years ago and it has been a constant companion since I bought it. You can’t go wrong with black and gold, and I absolutely love all the studs that cover the outside of the bag. The strap detaches from the bag so it can be instantly transformed into a pretty kick-ass clutch. It may seem small, but you might be surprised by how much I can fit inside with a bit of Tetris manipulation.

Beauty Blogger Cassandra Myee Blog

These few items will be thrown into any bag I am using and I am sure you will all have most of these in your own bag. [I also always have my car/house keys with me, but these were sitting on the kitchen bench and got forgotten about for these photos.]

[ezcol_1half]HEADPHONES – For music, YouTube etc – just a must in case you get stuck with some time to kill.

SUNGLASSES – These Karen Walker-esque style sunnies were only $10 from Cotton On and are my current favourites.

PHONE – I have the Samsung S3 which I just love, it does everything I could want from a phone and more. It is equipped with an eBay case that looks like a Chanel nail polish bottle (for those of you who don’t know, I have a slight obsession with nail polish…)

[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]

NOTEBOOK + PEN – You never know when inspiration will hit or you need to write down a shopping list, so having a notebook and pen around is a must for me. There is something about physically writing something down that I prefer over tapping it into my phone (plus I love to doodle!)

WALLET – I can’t go anywhere without this big old thing. I’m unsure of the brand, but it was from a sale on Onceit last year and it holds all the money and coffee cards I might possibly need. [/ezcol_1half_end]

Beauty Blogger Cassandra Myee Blog

My bag has quite a large interior pocket and that is where I hold all of these boring but essential items.

[ezcol_1half]BOBBY PINS – I think every girl will have at least one of these pins floating around the bottom of any bag. They are a hair must have.

HAIR TIE – Again just another handbag staple. As I have fairly long hair, it can become really annoying by the end of the day and all I want to do is tie up in a big top knot and be done.

TISSUES – I love these handy packs of tissues; they are slim and slip into my bag easily and you always need tissues with you.

NAIL FILE – Breaking a nail can be extremely frustrating, so I have a mini nail file in my bag for times when that happens and you are left with jagged edges and an uneven nail that needs a bit of fixing.[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]

PAIN KILLERS – These particular ones are Nuromol, but you will always find some sort of panadol/ibuprofen tablets in my bag – who knows when a headache might strike, or for me at the moment it has been my wisdom teeth playing up.

MIRROR – This small compact mirror lives in my bag, because having stuff stuck in your teeth or lipstick smudges can be a right pain in the backside.

HAND/NAIL CREAM – Having dry hands really irritates me so a good hand and nail cream is much needed. This one is from Nutri-Synergy Natural Nail Therapy which I received in a Violet Box and it sinks into the hands fast and is instantly moisturising.[/ezcol_1half_end]

TRAVALO – This is filled with my one of current favourite perfumes, Juicy Couture Couture La La. I love these perfume atomisers as they are so easily to fill up with your favourite perfume and they don’t spill or leak through your bag.

Beauty Blogger Cassandra Myee Blog

As a beauty blogger, of course I carry around with me the essential makeup items I may need for touch ups on the go. This orange pouch is from Witchery and I find them so handy to hold my capsule makeup stash that can be interchanged into what every bag I am using at the time.

[ezcol_1half]E.L.F. MAKEUP MIST & SET – This not only works well as an initial setting spray, but it is perfect for spritzing on throughout the day to refresh the face. I love using this during the warmer months, plus it is so inexpensive!

BENEFIT THE POREFESSIONAL AGENT ZERO SHINE – For my oily skin, I find I need some kind of powder to control it throughout the day. This is a hand bag must, not only because it is a pretty amazing setting powder, but it has a small brush in the base and you use the cap to dispense the loose powder to then dust on the face. It is all self contained and means no additional brush is needed.

MAYBELLINE BABY LIPS – A lip balm is an absolute must and I love these Baby Lips ones as they smell nice and moisturise the lips instantly. This one is in Smoothing Cherry, but I have just about every flavour and they are scattered through other bags and my pencil case so I always have one near me at all times.

[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]MAYBELLINE COLOR WHISPER IN LUST FOR BLUSH – This is one of my favourite lip products at the moment and it is usually one that I am wearing most days. It has a smooth, balmy feeling, gives a nice amount of colour to the lips and is just a good pinky-nude colour to have.

MAC CREMESHEEN LIPSTICK IN CREME CUP – When I haven’t got Lust For Blush on my lips, I will have this one; it is pink-nude perfection and is a fuss free colour that is a handbag staple for me. Depending on what ever lipstick I have on that day it will be thrown into my bag, but these two have been at the forefront of the lipstick picks.

REVLON COLORSTAY BLEMISH CONCEALER IN LIGHT – I’ve got to have a concealer with me as they are great for touch ups and can be easily blended out with your fingers.[/ezcol_1half_end] 

BENEFIT MINIS – Mini products and samples are perfect additions in your on-the-go makeup bag and I have four particular ones that keep me covered whatever the circumstance. They’re Real Mascara is one of my ‘holy grails’, so a mini one of these is great to carry around. I also have the BADgal Waterproof Liner in Black because you never know when you might need to amp up your makeup and a bit of black liner can transform any eye look. This one glides on super black and it sticks around all day and night without transferring. Highbeam is a beautiful sheeny highlighter that can be easily dotted along the cheeks and blended with your fingers and Posietint doubles as a cheek stain/tint as well as a lip tint.

Cass - Beauty Blogger from Cassandra Myee BlogI told you I could fit in a fair amount of stuff into my relatively small studded bag! Most of these beauty bits I have reviewed, or at least talked about over on my blog CassandraMyee, so feel free to come over and say hi!

x Cass

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8 Replies to “Whats in My Bag? Cass from Cassandra Myee

    1. Oh wow! So do i – I heard about this baby a while back and was excited to give it a go and this reminds me I should give it a go. Nothing worse than looking sweaty and shiny in the middle of winter!

  1. I love these handbag posts! I was imagining what mine would look like at the moment – lots of mail/bills/receipts mostly!! Time for a clean out and to get it nice and organised like Cass’s!

    1. Haha I actually did this today Nicola! I was in the middle of getting ready to go our for dinner and I just couldn’t find anything in my handbag so spent a good 5 minutes clearing out all the receipts and rubbish – It was definitely a bomb site haha.
      Would love to feature your handbag – give me an email if you’d be keen! x

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