Lena from Lena Talks Beauty shares Whats In Her Bag

Whats in My Bag? Lena from Lena Talks Beauty

Lena from Lena Talks Beauty shares Whats In Her BagLena of Lena Talks Beauty takes the blog over today! Lena is a frequent blogger to #bloggersbrunchclub and is an amazing beauty blogger. I love reading her blog as it’s genuine. Lena researches the ins and outs of products – not just blogs about how they look. LOVE.

My bag, well more specifically the contents of it, is notorious among my friends and family. I’m known for carrying everything and the kitchen sink in my bag, including about a million lipsticks, and today I’m sharing it with you all. The bag itself is from Colette and I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks but it’s perfect for me – very sturdy, with internal pockets and it can be zipped up. My previous bags have been black usually but I like how bright the turquoise is.

Whats In My bag? Lena from Lena talks Beauty - Beauty Blogger

I’ll be honest and say I cleaned a number of receipts and that sort of thing out before taking these photos because no one needs to see that. Here’s everything, other than my beauty products that I carry with me as they will come later in this post. No points to anyone who guesses what my favourite colour is, clearly it’s pink as you can see from my drink bottle, wallet, kindle case, notebook…!

Whats In My bag? Lena from Lena talks Beauty - Beauty Blogger

Nalgene drink bottle – essential to keep hydrated plus very cute.
Wallet – from Colette, last year and totally packed to the gills with coffee cards.
Fold out hairbrush with a mirror, I couldn’t be without this!
Amazon Kindle – I am a total Kindle convert. I love that it’s so light, and I can instantly buy a new book if I finish my one on the way to work

I always have snacks in my bag, to stave off getting ‘hangry’! My pen is from Kikki K, as is the notebook – but I durasealed it because it was a bit plain. It’s full of grocery lists, blogging ideas, and assorted nonsense.

Whats In My bag? Lena from Lena talks Beauty - Beauty BloggerWhats In My bag? Lena from Lena talks Beauty - Beauty Blogger

Now we get to the beauty stuff, and there’s a lot of it. I tend to wear a different lipstick each day of the week so they accumulate by the time it gets to the weekend. I’m really loving the Maybelline Color Elixor which is the bright purple on the left, it’s a lot bolder than I would usually wear but I like getting out of my comfort zone beauty-wise.

Whats In My bag? Lena from Lena talks Beauty - Beauty Blogger

[ezcol_1half]I have a refillable perfume bottle which currently has Kim Kardashian Gold in it, as well as cuticle butter, hand cream, eye drops and hand sanitiser – not so glamourous, but totally essential.[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]I don’t typically carry makeup other than lip products with me, but I needed some to go out after work, so I had these with me which happen to be some of my favourite products.[/ezcol_1half_end]

Clinique CC cream is moisturising and a good amount of coverage, and it comes in six shades which is a lot compared to many brands which only have one or two.

Whats In My bag? Lena from Lena talks Beauty - Beauty Blogger

Second from the right is a Revlon eyeshadow stick in a nice bronze shade, perfect to quickly swipe on and add some colour to your eyelids. I am a huge fan of Ecotools brushes, and I actually own two of these retractable kabuki brushes that come with a lid to protect them.

After I took these photos I emptied out some of the unnecessary beauty products, so it’s a bit lighter now, but I’m sure they’ll be back in there before the week is out!

xox  Lena
Lena Talks Beauty

8 Replies to “Whats in My Bag? Lena from Lena Talks Beauty


    I'm curious to know how long you've had your Sony pocket charger for as my one died I think just over a year so that was really disappointing 🙁

    Oooh I'm the same with hoarding around thousands of lipsticks in my bag… you just never know which one you feel like that day~ ^^

    1. I got mine about two years ago actually. I don’t use it tooo much because I have a charger at work, but at least once a week I think. All the lipsticks!

  2. I love your bag, Lena! Such a great colour. I feel like I have a lot less stuff in my bag solely because I work from home and usually have everything on hand that I will need during the day, so when I go out it’s usually for a meeting or coffee and I don’t need to take too much with me.

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