What I Wore // 005 // Autumn Boho Babe

Autumn makes me yearn for summer, especially on days where it’s incredibly warm in the sun but the breeze and the shade reminds you it’s time to head back inside.

I really love this outfit. It’s ‘me’. Looking through these photos and thinking back to seeing myself in the mirror getting ready to take photos – I felt so comfortable and so me. Confident. Strong. Every little detail is me – I’m so excited to finally feel like i’m connecting with fashion, jewellery and accessories enough to express me.

I want to talk about this stunning necklace.

When the Spirits Bay collection from Michael Hill was released I fell in love with it right away. I’ve always loved jewellery that uses shells or stones.

This collection has been created by Christine Hill, inspired by the Totorere shells. Over time they are worn down by the elements until only the strongest part of the shell remains.

“I believe the purity and simplicity of the design speaks to the spirit of strong women everywhere. Women who have pursued their dreams wholeheartedly, who have persevered and never given up.”
– Christine Hill

The Spirits Bay pendant is my favourite piece from the Spirits Bay collection.

Feeling incredibly boho.

I love this how everything works so well together in this outfit!

What I Wore
Floral Fusion Naive Top, City Chic – $40 at the Outlet store
Skinny Ponte Pant, Wild Child – $79
Chiffon Long Cardigan, Wild Child – $89
Boots, Hush Puppies ‘Great’ – $199
Necklace, Spirits Bay pendant, Michael Hill – $249
Nails, Champagne Nail Bar & Spa

Thanks to my friend Bella for taking these photos of me, and putting up with my anxiousness of getting in front of the camera with her.

Do you like this outfit?
Do you love my necklace?
Let me know x

This post was made possible by Michael Hill, which means any compensation I received is for me, not to alter my opinion. All opinions are and always will be, my own.

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